The Easter Dinosaur


You didn’t have dinosaurs at your Easter celebration?

I have nephews.  Clearly.

Ok, so we had some bunnies, too.

Since I’ve been old enough to wield a knife and man the grill, the game plan at my parents’ house on holidays has been to divide and conquer the meal.

And yes, my dad lets me use his grill all by myself.  I’m a big girl, y’ see.

One of the things that I love about my family is that we are adament about our traditions.

My dad makes his leg of lamb, gravy and browned potatoes:

We don’t mess with that.

My dad is sort of a master of the roast. 

As for my portion of the meal, I was responsible for some light hors d’oeuvres and the sides.

I pretty much started prepping food as soon as we got home from church- which was at 11 am.  I’m such a Suzy Homemaker sometimes.

I started with the sauce for the orzo side dish I was making.

Last weekend I saw an Easter menu on Giada at Home that I thought was perfect.  Quinoa crusted lamb chops, smokey tomato orzo and eggplant and asparagus napoleons.

Well, we’ve already established that the lamb is my dad’s at Easter-time in my family, but I got the go-ahead to get a little creative for the rest of the menu from the family.

This orzo salad was awesome.

I added some garlic and sun-dried tomatoes to the vinaigrette, but other than that I didn’t mess with the recipe.

As for the appetizers, I cut up a platter of crudités (with an accent because I’m fancy) with spinach dip:

I may or may not have forgotten to take a picture of the dip, so do me a favor.  Close your eyes (well, open them until you finish this sentence), and picture spinach dip.  Got it?  Now imagine it served in the middle of a chip ‘n dip.  You now have a pretty good picture of the completed platter.

I also put out some prepared bruschetta from Trader Joe’s- which is amazing, by the way, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before- with assorted crackers,

and some roasted chickpeas.

My family also takes their appetizers very seriously.  If we’re being honest here, they aren’t so much appetizers as a pre-meal meal.

Go big or go home.

I made the eggplant and asparagus napoleons pretty much off the page.

They reminded me of a smokey, noodle-less vegetable lasagna.  I’d make ’em again.

It was a glorious meal.

Followed by a fancy pants dessert, made fresh by my dad.

Crepes with fresh berries and whipped cream.  Ok, so the whipped cream was Reddi Whip.  (shh, don’t tell anyone)

And followed by a second, not-so-fancy pants dessert of jelly beans.

What’s that?  That’s not a jelly bean?

No, that’s not a jelly bean.

But apparently he ate a few.

And couldn’t keep them in.

Sure, I’ll eat those.

So, that was my Easter.

A lovely church service followed by over-eating and jellybean-pooping chicks.

Couldn’t ask for anything more.

11 thoughts on “The Easter Dinosaur

  1. Nice work on the orzo!

    My mom generally takes care of the dinner on her own (unless you count my aunt setting the table and me making iced tea), but Easter brunch includes work done by everyone (except my brother who can be found reading the funnies in the living room…).

  2. Looks like you made a wonderful meal! I had to use my boyfriend’s kitchen to make the one dish I was allowed to bring–my parents are kind of anal about taking over holiday cooking. Oy.

  3. My brother would always insist on Batman cookies. Nothing says holidays like a cookie shaped like a bat.

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