Rain, Rain, Go Away

Ok, so it could be worse.

I mean, I don’t have a basement that could flood.

But this rain is seriously impeding my sunny disposition.

I’d like to grill, please.

And maybe even wear some flip flops.  Or a kicky pair of capris.

In an attempt to improve my mood this morning, I decided to make a shiny list of all the things that I want/need/havetohave from Trader Joe’s.

You see, my lover and I reunited tonight.

Hello, beautiful.

It was a long awaited and much anticipated reunion.

Back together, and it feels so goood…

And you know what happens when I load up at Trader Joe’s?

Well, after the happy dance.

And after the 45 minutes it takes me to unload my groceries.

And after the 2 minutes I spend mourning the massive hit my bank account just took.

I make happy food!

Oh, wait.  I just reheated leftovers from the Mexican restaurant I went to with my parents earlier in the week.

Wah, wah.

BUT, I made extra veggies, because I now have a full crisper!

Happy times.

Now if the sun would just come out, there’s nothing more I could ask for.

14 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. haha the forecast for today had sunshine, and then this morning they took it away. The weatherman actually said “we’ve taken sunshine out of the forecast, so dont get your hopes up”. How is that fair?

  2. The closest Trader Joes to me is 40 minutes away 😦 I went there once because I thought I could get cheaper almond meal for macarons, and ended up buying $60 worth of other stuff and forgetting the almond meal! When I lived in Boston there was one a ten minute walk away. I miss it dearly.

  3. We’ve got sun here, but it is WINDY. We’re tlaking 40 mph winds. It is not fun. As a bike commuter, it is REALLY not fun.

  4. We are actually supposed to have sun and almost warmth tomorrow, I can’t wait!!!
    The closest Trader Joe’s is 40 minutes away so I only go once a month, it’s beautiful.

  5. I went to a baseball game on Saturday and was SHIVERING. It was the last day in April and I was shivering. Ugh.

  6. We finally broke out our grill tonight and I did the grill dance, which I imagine looks kind of like the happy dance, except through a cloud of grill smoke. What, I like to smell like charred meats…

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