By My Bootstraps

I think that post title should become a country song, don’t you?

If I had any inclination to write one myself, I would.

But I don’t.

Country really ain’t my thang.

Anyway, after my last doom and gloom post and monumental lack of posting thereafter, I’d just like to lay to rest the rumors that are circulating.

I’m not knocking on death’s door, everyone.  Nor am I in the hospital.

I know you were all very worried.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness.

And my flowers are in the mail, right?

Truth be told, though, I’m recovering from a pretty wicked cold.

I stooped to eating ramen last Tuesday.  Twice.

No, I’m not especially proud of that.

But it was the only thing that I could even consider eating, so there you go.  I’m human.  And Maruchan is still only 59¢.  My lunch and dinner combined cost me $1.18.  Holy moly.

But one can only wallow in one’s noodle-y, steamy, salty broth-y reality for so long.  I needed real food.  That didn’t come in powdered/dried form.

I made a quick peanut-noodle concoction the very next night with some easy roasted broccoli on the side.

Ok, roasted broccoli on top.

The pasta is just whole wheat penne tossed with a “sauce” made of 1 T peanut butter, 3/4 t. chili garlic paste, a dash of soy sauce and a few T chicken broth (to thin it- you could also use water).

And the reason the broccoli was “easy” is because I bought one of those convenience bags of broccoli florets instead of a broccoli crown.  I never do that.  It felt good.

It was definitely more satisfying than ramen.

And I didn’t have the urge to go fraternize on the quad and write on my neighbor’s dry erase board to avoid studying for my Rocks for Jocks 101 exam.

Ah, ramen memories.

And now, even though I missed my margarita fix on Cinco de Mayo (otherwise known as my favorite day in May) and I’m still a wee bit sickly and hopped up on the good stuff*, I’m recovering and I’m getting over my sad, sad lazy sick food.

*The good stuff is Sudafed.

And I even got to use one of these over the weekend:

11 thoughts on “By My Bootstraps

  1. I buy the shit out of those broccoli bags. I think my time saved is worth the extra cost.

    I don’t know what that yellow forky thing is, but I’m scared of it.

    • I’m starting to agree. Plus the little pieces of broccoli that get all over your knife/cutting board/counter/life when you chop the whole broccoli crown are a pain in the butt.

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better! There is nothing worse than a horrible cold, but ramen cures all.

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