Lookin’ Up

The last few days have felt like a whirlwind of insanity.

And not the good kind that includes a Mr. Shaun T.

I found out yesterday morning that I had exactly six days to find a new roommate or I’d have to start looking for a new apartment.

Since I have lived in 4 different places in the last 2.5 years, the last thing I want to do is have to move.  Again.

So after a brief meltdown on the sidewalk outside of my office (good thing I work in the ‘burbs and there weren’t too many passerby to judge me) I cranked into hyper-gear and have made some serious headway.


In honor of pulling my crap together (figuratively, of course), I’d like to share some things that are currently making me happy and flooding my crazy little brain with serotonin.

1.  Grillin’ season.


2.  The prospect of grillin’ season and Memorial Day possibly, POSSIBLY coinciding this year.

3.  This gchat conversation with Amy, re: Memorial Day+grillin’.

Amy: well… if you’re around, we’re going out and grabbing sexy people
Amy: well clearly!
Me: yessss

4.  I now have Ne-Yo stuck in my head, and I like it.

8 thoughts on “Lookin’ Up

  1. That would be so stressful, totally feel your pain! I’m glad you made some headway!

  2. Urgh, I know exactly what you mean…I’m a college student in Los Angeles and I have had to go hunting for apts too many times and it’s stressful! I hope you find the perfect one though, or a perfect roommate. Things will work out!

  3. Moving is the absolute worst. Good luck! Also, I may be coming to Chicago this summer…

  4. I would be so freaked out to find a roommate (probably because of movies like “the roommate”. You are a brave soldier. Should I have not made a “roommate” reference? I’m tactful like that.
    Just don’t accept an application from anyone that resembles Leighton Meester or Lyla Garrety (Thats her Friday Night Lights character, I have no idea what her real name is.)

    • Haha, well living in an expensive city like Chicago, roommates are definitely a really good thing! I ain’t scurred.

  5. Ahhh so stressful:( These things always tend to work out in the end though, just keep your chin up!

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