A Belated Mother’s Day

Ok, I’m going to level with you- that post title is slightly misleading.

I actually did celebrate Mother’s Day with my wonderful mom last Sunday.

But I’m a wee bit belated with my posting.

Negligent posting, I’ll admit.

Good thing my mom was never negligent with me growing up!

Do I win most questionable segue of the day?

Anyway, we celebrated by going to church and having a nice lunch.

And then I promptly took a 3 hour nap in my parents’ family room.


What, napping isn’t bonding?

I blame this blatant disregard of letting my mom call the shots on the friggin’  head cold I was suffering from, by the way.

Once I had roused myself from my stupor, my parents and I headed to my sisters’ house where my brother in law was serving crab.

KING crab.

You heard me.

I think my sister actually prefers king crab to lobster (which is also a big “we have something to celebrate” meal in my family), and we went to town.

Remember this guy I showed you the other day?

These are WAY better than those crackers you use to split lobster shells.  The crab’s shell is thin enough that you just zip this baby up the length of the shell and pull the meat out in one piece.

Well, if you’re especially talented like me.

I won’t judge you if yours comes out in a few pieces though.

You’re welcome.

We served the crab legs with a soup bowl-sized serving of melted butter.

It’s the right thing to do.

Although, between the crab meat, which is deceivingly rich, and the pound of butter I consumed, I didn’t have a whole lot of appetite left over for the sides.

Although I managed to eat all of my salad.

Because as much as eating your weight in shellfish and butter is the right thing to do, so is eating your veggies.

My mama taught me that.

Living situation update:  After only 2 days of looking, I now have a roommate all lined up to move in!  This means that I will actually get to live in the same place more more than a year and I’m so happy about it.  Thanks for all your encouraging comments!

10 thoughts on “A Belated Mother’s Day

  1. Sometimes its safer to nap at the parents, sanity wise.

    Crab….crabby….huh. Can you see where I’m at right now?

  2. Your post reminds me of family dinners during the Summers in the Gulf. YUM! Thank you for not judging that my crab hardly ever makes it out in one piece – guess I’m just too excited to get to eating it! =)

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