Over the Hump

So today is Wednesday.

Oh, right, you already knew that.

Of course you did.

I have been alternating between thinking that it’s Tuesday and Thursday all. day. long.  Once I remember that it is, in fact, Wednesday, the former makes me happy and the latter makes me cry bitter tears.

It’s nothing a good meal won’t help.  I stocked up on some eats at Trader Joe’s (I got a package of chicken for $1.69- what what) so that I could actually make a big kid meal instead of eating baked beans out of the can.  Again.

Ta da!

Nothing we haven’t all seen here before, but if it ain’t broke…

Anyway, I’m normally I’m pretty good at contentedly plugging away at the work week until the weekend comes, but I’m itchin’ to get to Friday afternoon this week.


Well, other than it being a long weekend coming up (I plan on making I ♥ Memorial Day t-shirts in Day-Glo to go with my shades), there are a few things I’m pumped about.

1. Grilled meat.  ‘Nuff said.

2.  A tub o’ these:

I am attending a party on Saturday that I am promised will have a real live bartender and flip cup.  I suck at flip cup.  Someone remind me to bring my Tide To-Go stick.

3.  I am recently the proud owner of free Cubs tickets for the game on Sunday.

This happy occasion is actually the result of the hacking of my email account that took place yesterday.  Go figure.  How do you like them apples, hacker?

When life hands you lemons, squeeze them in its eyes and yell “BLAM!

12 thoughts on “Over the Hump

  1. I almost had free Phillie’s tix but decided I can’t afford to take 2 more days off work since I already took 2 this week so I can have a 5 day weeekeeennndd. WORD. And flip cup gets easier with practice (and of course more beer.)

  2. You need day of the week undies.

    Flip cup rules. I am the flip cup mastah. I will be plying it at my graduation party in two weeks. Bet on it.

  3. The Cubbies are going to be playing with Colin and I are in Chicago this summer, I just may have to rustle up some tickets!

  4. Our long weekend was LAST weekend, so I feel like the week has gone by super fast. Still, I dont think its fair that we dont have a long weekend this week too. That would be awesome.

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