It’s About Time

Now that this year’s Healthy Living Summit has already sold out, I figured it was about time to use up the last of the contents of my swag bag from last year.

One of the items in the bag was a mini box of vegetable pasta shells.


The little box said that it contained two servings.

Um, yeah, maybe if you’re a 60 pound 7 year old.

Not for me.   I think the reason that I hadn’t used this pasta prior to tonight is that the box is roughly the size of my palm.  And honestly, when I eat pasta, I EAT pasta.  And the fact that they were trying to tell me that I needed to split the box into two whole servings sort of turned me off.

But tonight, I finally got over myself and cooked it.

I wanted something simple and healthy to go with the pasta, so I whipped up a little easy peanut sauce and veggies.

The peanut sauce is my usual combination of a tablespoon or so of peanut butter, a teaspoon or so of garlic chili paste (I like some serious kick), a few splashes of soy sauce, and a few splashes of water.

My measurements are super technical- don’t screw it up.

Once the sauce is mixed, I heat it in the microwave to help it come together.

As for the veggies, all I did was defrost some frozen corn, sweet peas and bell pepper strips in a microwave safe bowl.  I sprinkled some onion powder, garlic salt and crushed red pepper (again with the heat, I know!) right onto the veggies and stirred it all together.

Once the pasta was done cooking I tossed it with the seasoned vegetables and peanut sauce.

Total time to make this dish?

Well, once I had the water boiling and dropped the pasta in, nuked the veggies and mixed the sauce I’d say I was in for about 10 minutes.

Not bad for a Tuesday night.

And I even had time to do some laundry.

Good thing I finally got over myself and used that pasta, huh?

13 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. I like how the corn kernels are all in the shells. That’s the best part of shell pasta – little surprises in every one!

  2. I need mass quantities of pasta when I eat it also. One “serving” just will not do.

  3. Are you going to the HLS this year? It IS in the city that I live in you know…

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