Serious Beach Sports

If you follow any of us Chicago bloggers, you’ve probably been reading a hefty dose of:

“We only have two seasons here: winter and Hades”

“I really didn’t want to turn my A/C on yet, but…”


“Holy balls, it’s hot outside”

This crazy heat wave actually came at a good time for me because I signed up for a beach volleyball league and our first game was last week.

It was a little bit chilly last week, but I thought for sure this week we’d all be in sports bras and shorts.

About that.  It was 53° and windy by the time I left for my 6:30 game.  The powers that be decided not to cancel tonight’s games because that would be too easy.  This is Chicago.  We laugh at 50 degrees.

Unfortunately (fortunately) the team that we were supposed to play didn’t show up, I’m guessing because they were inside and warm, so we won the game.  By default.

Meh, I’m not that proud, I’ll take it.

So since we didn’t have an actual game to play,  I had a chance to come home and make a somewhat elaborate dinner for myself.

I haven’t come up with a name for the dish yet.

But I will write up the recipe and share it with all of you soon.

I don’t have the energy right now.

“Playing” volleyball is exhausting.

13 thoughts on “Serious Beach Sports

    • I know, total wimps. But they were a Florida State team, so we already knew they’d be weaklings going in. Go BC. 😉

  1. Dear lord, you guys have extremes in terms of weather! Didn’t you guys also have a seriously gusty winter? Stay cool! Or warm, whatever wacky Mother Nature has in store for you…

  2. I think you need to move to LA, although painfully boring, it’s 72 and sunny all year.
    I find texting exhausting so I hear ya….

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