Oh, Sweet Weekend

One of my favorite things about summertime is the obscene number of street fests on any given weekend all over the city of Chicago.

This weekend was the Wells St Art Fest (one of my favorites of the year),


And North Center’s Rib Fest.

I actually worked all day on Saturday at the Art Fest at one of the watering holes on Wells St, but I attended both festivals on Sunday as a paying reveler.

Would you expect anything less of me?

My summer is not complete unless I do every. single. thing. possible.

Clearly.  Just you wait to see what summer has in store, friends.

So, at Rib Fest, the emphasis is on ribs.  Did you already guess that?  Good, you’re smart.

I stopped at this tent:

I don’t think the guy behind me wanted to be in the picture.

Too bad, sir.  Too bad.

Since I had already purchased a (very expensive) beer, I opted for a pulled lamb sandwich instead of ribs.  It was a good choice- pulled lamb is definitely a new thing to me!

And I even managed to eat the whole sandwich while I cradled my still full beer under my arm without spilling anything on myself.

I probably wouldn’t win a rib-eating contest, but if they had one for “most agile eating” I bet I could own it.

The weekend came and went far too fast, as they’re wont to do, but I’m glad I got some bbq and sun for a fleeting moment.

And I have a pink nose to prove it.

Until next weekend, at least I’ve got good food to replace the Bud Light and funnel cake coursing through my veins.

Farewell, sweet weekend.  I shall see you on thither flip side.



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  1. I’ve never been to Chicago but it looks amazing. My boyfriend is taking a business trip there this week and I was supposed to go with him but it didn’t work out 😦 Hopefully I can get there some day and enjoy some of the delicious eats!

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