Stayin’ Alive…er, Awake

I was at a baseball game the other day with a young lady from Houston, and she asked me how I manage to survive the hellacious Chicago weather.

Mind you, I had just commented on what a lovely, warm summer evening we were having.

I replied that perhaps she was just soft and I’ve had years of battling the face chafing winter winds and frizz inducing summer humidity, so I’ve developed a pretty thick skin when it comes to the elements.

Unless you’re trying to get me to go camping.  That just ain’t part of my life plan.

And here’s the thing.  Chicago gets a bad rap for having asscrap weather most of the year, and road construction for the remaining months.  This is all more or less true, but I love this city.  And once summer kicks off (and I’m talking real post-Memorial Day start date, not that crap about summer starting today), the citizens of the Chi come out of the woodwork and we get. this. party. started.

I wasted no time testing out the new grill and made this for lunch on Saturday:

I was stupid happy to be outside on my balcony with an open flame and a pair of metal tongs.

Summer is why we tolerate living in Chicago year-round, friends.

I am convinced that no other city does summer quite like us.

Street fests.



Domestic mass-produced beer in plastic cups.

There’s never a shortage of activities ’round these parts between late May and early September.

Which is also why I am feeling a little sleep deprived.  I felt it would be a wise idea to share my how-to-stay-up-late-never-have-time-for-a-nap-and-still-avoid-getting-sick-and-run-down tips:

I take one of these supplements every day.  I keep them at my desk so that I won’t forget to take one after lunch.  I have no idea how much they actually work in terms of an energy boost, but even if most of the effect is psychosomatic I’ll still take them.  They’re good for me anyway.

I swear by this “sambucus” stuff.  Even with a horrible name (it’s actually black elderberry extract), it tastes like raspberry candy and it’s a really powerful immune booster.

I take it any time I’m feeling worn down or think I’m starting to come down with something.  If you take the maximum dosage (8 teaspoons/day for this brand) when you think you’re getting a cold, you won’t get it.  Seriously.

You can find it at any health food or vitamin shop, and even Whole Foods carries it.

Duh, coffee keeps my head off my desk and drool off my chin, but it’s not so much about what I’m drinking, but when.  I try my darndest to avoid coffee until at least 11 am.  I’m just a small human being, and the caffeine in coffee will cause me to crash (hard) if I drink it first thing in the morning.  And I’d like to avoid needing an entire carafe to get me through the day.

I try to keep myself going in the morning by getting a natural boost from exercise first thing and then chug water until late morning.  Then the coffee serves as a pleasant little late morning boost.

It’s very nice, you should try it.

Ok, so none of this is rocket science (and I’d also like to remind you that I’m not a doctor in any way, shape or form), but it’s only mid-June, you guys.

I have a lot of street fests to get through before this summer is over.


14 thoughts on “Stayin’ Alive…er, Awake

  1. I am so jealous of your early morning workouts and so wish I could get motivated enough to make that happen. Until then, coffee me ASAP.
    Also as side note you should look into vitamin D3 bc it’s a really important suppliment for women and great for the immune system. I hardly ever get sick anymore. But that might be bc I’m a superhero… (shhhh)

    • Meh it’s not that I’m really that motivated, it’s just dumb habitual behavior. I’ve heard about D3- I need to buy some of that, too!

  2. You all do got alot going on there-I’m envious! Now if only I could suck up the cost of living there because I am not a suburbs kind of gal.

    Um, I usually have four cups of coffee a day but I alot bigger than you. I can tell a difference if I only have two, my addiction is so sad.

    • I’m not either- I live in the heart of the city. Yeah, cost of living is high, but there are ways to make it work.

  3. I wonder if we have street fests here in the summer. Im sure theres lots of stuff going on downtown, Im just not cool enough to know about it.

    Also, I agree with Amy, camping sucks. Whats fun about sleeping outside with the bugs and not having a shower?

  4. I heart camping (it’s a geology thing)!

    And- no one knows how to have summer fun like Chicago. I miss it so much and am so happy I have your blogs to look at to remind me of home!! Thank goodness I’ll be there for the 4th!

      • But Navy Pier is still having their’s right? I don’t do the Taste anymore (not for 5 years). Too crowded.

        • Yep, Navy Pier is having them on the 4th like usual. The Taste is such a mess, I never wanted to go to those either!

      • Thank goodness, we are eating dinner at Riva (on the pier) at 7 and figured we pop out right after dinner to see the show 🙂

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