Chicago Unplugged

It was my parents’ wedding anniversary on Saturday.  As a small token of my gratitude for raising me and not leaving my annoying ass in a 7-Eleven somewhere in middle America along the way, I promised to prepare dinner for them last night.

When I found out that a local fish market was selling lobster rolls, I was all over it.  Despite the fact that when I showed up I encountered terrible customer service (which is why I won’t name or link to the store- I’m just not going to give them any extra traffic), I felt that my parents deserved the best.

We in this here family have a crush on lobster in a big way.

Oh, hi, good lookin’.

Given our love of lobster, and given the fact that my family is originally from the North East (well, Tri-State, but let’s not split hairs- plus we’ve all lived in Boston at one point or another), we turned this into a serious Cape Cod feast.

Corn, green salad, french fries, coleslaw and lobster rolls.

Made me feel like I was here:

And frankly, I really wished I had been.

Not 15 minutes after we finished up the dishes, a major storm rolled in and the power flickered- and then died.

We spent the rest of the night losing cable and internet and turning on the radio to try and catch weather updates.  Sirens started going off, I grabbed the cats (who thought I was being ridiculous and told me so), put my shoes on and prepared to retreat to the basement.

I told my mom that she needs to stock up on things like bacon in a tube and cheap red wine for occasions like this.

My dad thought the storm was “cool” and went outside to watch it.  Scolding ensued.

I refused to take my contacts out in case there was occasion that emergency workers would be visiting the house.  I like to look my best, you know.

Not that anyone would be able to see me.

This morning, the power was still out (apparently ComEd is telling people that it will “be out for a while”, whatever that means) so I decided to go on a quick run around the neighborhood.

No iPod.  No Pandora.  I didn’t even bring a key.  Even though the air still felt heavy from the storm, I felt pretty skippy.

I think I even burned a few extra calories having to jump over all the fallen tree limbs in the streets and on the sidewalks.

A quiet evening with my lovely parents and the fastest run I’ve had in a long time?

Being unplugged isn’t the worst thing after all.

I think I’m ready for my acoustic and a mic.

12 thoughts on “Chicago Unplugged

  1. Oh that sucks about the power!

    I was supposed to go running over lunch with Drew and ended up turning around after about 50 feet bc it started to pour. Afterwards, he said it was probably the right choice- he had to climb trees in the middle of our normal path to get through. Sounded fun- but not when I have to return to work…

  2. How scary! But the way you’ve described it, I can totally picture the serene feeling of running the morning after the storm, with debris everywhere and a touch of electricity still in the air…

    Glad everyone was ok! And those lobster rolls look amazing. Happy anniversary to your parents!

  3. I would have been outside with your Dad watching. I love storms! One plus to living in Okie-land 🙂

  4. Um, why have I never had a lobster roll before???

    Hope you get your power back. OMG, when it comes back on you should jump up and sing “I GOT THE POWERRRRRRRR!”

  5. I used to get so mad at my parents for going outside during storms. Now that I live alone, I do it too. Not good.
    Awesome job on the run!

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