So, That Happened

Well I’m just coming off a long weekend, friends.

I took a (much needed) personal day today to tend to a few things regarding the transition from one roommate to the next at my apartment- and to go to my sixth Cubs game of the year.

Sure was a crappy rainy day like the weatherman promised it would be, huh?

I mean- don’t Amy and I look miserable?

And I sure didn’t eat anything good over the weekend.

Look at this shameful mess.

Looks pretty nasty, huh?

I can’t believe I could even choke it down.

Luckily, I got to partake in some sports to keep me grounded this weekend.

You know, like this 3 Legged Pub Crawl.

Look at all those racers lining up in their starting corrals.

It got pretty rowdy, I’ll tell ya.

Good thing someone gave me a spare pool noodle for…rule enforcement.

Sooo, that happened.

Someone’s gotta keep these things under control, you know what I mean?

And now it’s back to the grind.

It’ll be quiet the relief to get back to my coffee and spreadsheets.

19 thoughts on “So, That Happened

  1. Coffee and spreadsheets. My life that I am just now returning to after a much needed two month hiatus. Its hard to go back to those evil spreadsheets. The coffee I never left. 😀

  2. I’m back to coffee and spreadsheets as well. And pulling pointless reports…

    we should take another day… yes? I’ll call and pretend to be your mom and say you’re sick if you pretend to be mine?

  3. Yes, that pizza looks nasty and I can’t believe you were able to eat it! Maybe you should just send the leftovers here since it looks soooo awful. I will choke it down for you- it’s the least I can do- LOL!

  4. I love when days are supposed to be crappy and turn out to be gorgeous. It’s usually the other way around though..

  5. God, your wknd sucked. You really need to work on social skills eh? Hmmm, I could be Canadian!! Sorry random thought while commenting.

    I love the idea of a three legged bar crawl, I’ve definitely never heard of that one before. The noodle makes it even better,

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