And the Land of the Free Ride


Can you hear that?

That’s the sound of me coming off vacation.

Sounds pretty rough, doesn’t it?

You know how I like my legendary weekends, my friends.

And I would like to set the rumor to rest that no good exercise comes from legendary shenanigans.

See that up there?  That there is some good old fashioned cardio.

And I must have sweated enough toxins out of my pores on my trip up to Milwaukee for Summerfest to get me through at least half the summer.

It was quite warm.

And I didn’t even take one of the flying swing/ski lift things to carry me from stage to stage.

I was more concerned with playing.

And watching some music.

And singing.  (read: embarrassing Amy)

And meeting other bloggers’ relatives (hi Kacy and SIL!)

And playing bags (ie, cornhole) for hours and eating free mozzarella sticks whist enjoying a free beer or two.

Yeah…I missed a picture of that one.  I promise you it was all you could hope it would be.

See, friends?  There’s more than one way to skin a liberty bell.

And there’s nothing like celebrating America’s freedom with a free drink or two.

12 thoughts on “And the Land of the Free Ride

  1. I so wish I could have been there. I definitely plan to make a Chicago trip, even if it has to be solo and I have to force you and Amy to hang out with me the whole time.

    • Um…FORCE us? Dude, we would love that. And yes, I realize this makes it sound like Amy and I are a couple. I promise that we are not. Although we do like to spoon.

  2. shhhiiiittttt when were youat summerfest!?!?!?!?!?! and why wasn’t i invited to join in on the fun?!?!?! officially sad.

    • Dude, I thought I DID invite you!! I must’ve just left you a comment, but I thought I emailed! Oh well. Next year.

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