I Think My Parents Are Giving My Cat A Complex

This is my cat.

She lives with my parents.

Her name is Dickens.

I named her that when she was a kitten (16 years ago) not after the famed 19th century author, but because she was…full of the dickens.

Yes, I was an extremely awkward and nerdy kid.

And the fact that I so eagerly shared that tidbit of information with you means that I clearly haven’t outgrown that phase.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point.

Whilst cat-sitting for my parents recently, I spied this bag of cat treats:

Dickens loves her some treats.

She screams for them.  Didn’t think cats could scream?  Well, they can.

Then I looked at the package a little closer.

What does that say in the corner down there?

2 calories, huh?

I mean, I know the cat has put on a couple pounds over the last few years, but that’s less than a stick of gum!

She’s just an old lady- let her eat her full fat treats.

Although…I’ve been eating a lot of pizza and getting exercise from 3 legged pub crawls lately…

On second thought, pass those treats over here.

17 thoughts on “I Think My Parents Are Giving My Cat A Complex

  1. I’ve noticed that on dog treats before. I will never understand how its relevant. I mean, I have no idea how many calories my dog should consume a day, nor do I care. If she gets fat, I’ll just feed her a little less until she’s not fat anymore. Easy enough right?

  2. Ha ha! I buy “lite” greenies for my dogs b/c they gain weight easily…although I have no idea what makes them “lite”…oh well. The dogs don’t seem to mind.

    • Thanks! Funny thing is that we almost didn’t adopt her because my mom thought her schnoz was too big. Good thing I fell in love with her and put my foot down, ’cause she’s my bud.

  3. Haha, that is awesome. My cats are so fat, they could use some diet treats in their life. As could I.

  4. I think it’s a little late for the 2 calorie treats. It’s July! If Dicken’s doesn’t have her bikini body by now, she’s not going to have it by the end of the summer.

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