I’ll Sleep When It’s Winter

Remember that ear infection I told you about on Monday?

You know what’s REALLY good for ear infections?

Rest.  Sleep, in particular, but any kind of rest is probably a good thing.

You know what’s not resting?

Forcing myself to go into work because I’m going nuts watching marathons of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.

And then refusing to go home after work because there are just too. many. things. going on.

There are things like free summer concerts in Millennium Park:

It was sassy music.

And then there are BC alumni happy hours at Citizen to attend.

I had to go.  I’m a proud alum.  I wouldn’t let my fellow Eagles down.


Should I have just gone straight home and reapplied a warm compress to my ear?

Yeah, probably.

But to be fair, I did go home right afterward, skipping the other fun event I had been invited to last night which would have kept me out until 11:30, made a healthy dinner and was in bed before 10 pm.

So really, I canceled out the 2 beers I drank.

And must I remind you all of what happens for the other 9 months that it’s not summer in Chicago?

I will be taking advantage of every invitation that I possibly can while there’s still warm weather to be had, empty wallet and droopy eyelids be damned.

Sooo…anyone want to go to happy hour tonight?

18 thoughts on “I’ll Sleep When It’s Winter

    • Valid point. I didn’t really need the right ear anyway. That’s the one that my coworkers speak into. 😉

  1. I say enjoy it while you can. I am uber jealous of the concerts they have there. And I kinda want a beer right now….at 830am, that cant be good for anyone.

  2. Gah! I’d love some snow right now. Do you know it was hotter here the other day than it was in PHOENIX ARIZONA?!?!?!? AAAAHHHH!!!

  3. I’m the same way. All about fun in the spring/summer and then I go into hibernation. Live it up! Hope you feel better.

  4. Oh wow~! Another Eagle 🙂 There seems to be a few BC Eagles in the blogosphere, including Cait at Cait’s Plate. This makes me very happy 🙂
    I’m an incoming freshman, and your blog just one-upped many others ^^

    • Aw, thanks and welcome! I am a little jealous that you’re just starting out at BC- I wish I could go back!

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