Convenience Items or Less

Oh, hi!

It’s hot in the Midwest.

Have you heard?

What’s that?

It’s also hot where you live, you say?

Well, shucks.

I thought we were special.

[exeunt sarcastic prelude]

All kidding aside, this heat wave is intense.  It’s honestly not so much the actual heat as the humidity accompanying it that makes you feel like you’re suffocating in a sauna that has sweat from sumo wrestlers being piped into it.

My hair looks like this:


Someday I’ll post a picture of myself from when I was 2 years old, because I literally did look a LOT like Mr. Simmons back in the mid-80’s.

I know you’re jealous of my rare good looks.

Not surprisingly, I haven’t had much of a desire to cook lately.

It’s days like this why I stock my freezer with convenient frozen meals from Trader Joe’s.

Always from Trader Joe’s.  I’m very selective about my frozen meals.

And I know TJ’s has my back and won’t poison me with chemicals, nor will they overcharge me for “convenience” items.

[exeunt TJ’s ode]

Anyway, the point is that I tried a new meal this weekend, and I thought I’d share the experience with you.

These are Indian spiced cheese “rolls”.

They are microwavable.

And the package suggests that you eat them with a big ol’ piece of naan.

Cheese, convenient, bread as a non-negotiable (I take suggestions very literally) accompaniment?  Sounds good to me.

After a quick zap in el microwave, a quick stir and another zap, I got this:

I think the term “roll” is a bit deceiving.  I actually found no rolls in there.

The other thing is that the box claims that it contains 3 servings, which is challenging when you’re trying to just heat up one meal.  Which I usually am.

This was about a 1/3 of the container, and that’s exactly how it came out without me doing anything to it.

Doesn’t look all that appealing, does it?

I’m glad I took them up on their suggestion to serve it with naan, otherwise I’m not actually sure how I would’ve eaten it.

That being said, it actually tasted pretty good.  Very spicy (in the “there are a lot of spices in it” way, not the hot way) and tangy with the cheese.

Plus the ingredient list, while long, was pretty good.  Lots of spice mixes, not a lot of things I didn’t recognize.

I’d probably buy this again if I was having an Indian food craving.

And if you’re so inclined, I’d be sure to invite 2 people over and have lots of naan available.

Naan makes the world a better place.

14 thoughts on “Convenience Items or Less

  1. I’d probably be more likely to buy the meals in a bag if it weren’t for those damn “serves 3-4” limitations. Usually, when I make frozen meals, it’s a craving that’s far and few between and I’d rather not have leftovers. I’m quirky.

  2. if you send me a picture of you with Richard Simmons hair, I’ll send you one of me when I went through my “punk rocker” phase, deal? Or when I had Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, balls in your court.
    And I must agree with your naan statement. Also, every time I hear the word “naan” I want to sing that Master P song except I say “Make em say uhhh na-na-na-naan!” Clever, no?

    • Umm, I also had Sally Jesse Raphael glasses- BLAM! I begged my mom for them. She should’ve just slapped me and said “bitch, please” instead of letting me get them.

  3. This cracks me up so much! I have had so many times where those microwavable things look NOTHING like the package says. And this might be the best I’ve seen yet. And 3 servings? Seriously?

    I once dated a guy who was Richard Simmons for Halloween. Dead Richard Simmons, actually. The dead part was my suggestion. I was a dead 80s prom queen. Halloween is easy – just add “dead” to some random costume.

    Well, that was off topic.

    • Haha! So true. I’ve done the “dead makes it a Halloween costume” thing before- and it was a gooood costume.

  4. I did a double take when you posted that picture of me. Oh wait, that IS Richard Simmons? Well, let’s just say I could be his hair twin, too. 🙂

    Naan definitely makes the world a better place. I agree that it is always challenging when the box says it serves three. Challenging because I am always tempted to eat the whole box. This is especially true of Annie’s Mac & Cheese.

    Stay cool this week, lady!

  5. Naan is my friend. So is any type of bread/baked good. My 4th grade picture shows me sporting a mullet with feathered bangs. Yeah. I’d take Simmons hair over that any day.

  6. I buy convenience foods regularly. Especially from TJ’s. The chana masala meal is bomb.

  7. Aw, and Trader Joes frozen foods are always the best! That definitely does not look appetizing but I’m glad it was good. I miss the mushroom risotto…

  8. Oh god.

    Indian food is tasty but I can’t usually eat it due to what it LOOKS like. That picture is actually JUST WHAT I MEAN.

    Is that weird?

    Also, humidity has my jewfro in full effect. Party on.

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