This Friday Night

Katy Perry has been stuck in my head all day.

I can’t help it.

Go ahead and judge me if you must, but it’s really not my fault that during my 45 min-1 hour long drive to and from work every day I hear her songs a minimum of 256 times.

So my post title is a shout out for the simple fact that I can’t rid myself of the phrase.

Moving on.

As for this girl’s Friday night, there’s much to be done.

First of all, I get to celebrate this girl‘s birthday tonight:

With a Rod Tuffcurls concert, of course.  Amy likes them just a little bit.

And then tomorrow, I get to hang out with this girl.

I haven’t seen Holly since Amy and I drove up to Wisconsin last winter and she forced us to trek out onto the frozen lake with her.

Let’s see what sort of moderately questionable activities I can force her to do this weekend!

Also, Chicago: be warned.  I plan on scratching this into at least 4 different wooden surfaces this weekend:

Even if those four wooden surfaces turn out to be my desk, my dining room table, my dresser and my nutcracker.

Just kidding!

I don’t think I could fit the whole phrase on the nutcracker.

Although it would be sweetly appropriate. NUTcracker? BALLS 4 life?

So much blogger love, so little time.

18 thoughts on “This Friday Night

  1. Damn that Katy Perry and her catchy melodic phrasing!!
    Speaking of, I was listening to that song ET the other day and it made me think that she had a completely different experience watching that movie than I did… I mean ET was kind of cute in that “I’m a lost soul” kind of way but eeeshhhh….

  2. lol Balls 4 Life. Love it. 🙂

    That song has been stuck in my head too. I dont know what it is about Katy Perry, I never like her songs when I first hear them, but I always want to run to them, and then I start to love them. Alot. Like, its weird how much.

  3. LOL, I like your “wood” carving…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA there is so much you can do with a phrase like that…

  4. how funny – i just went to eat donuts with katy perry’s manager and she told me about that song. i need to watch that video!

    • Haha, nothing I do will ever be amazeballs- more like adorbsballs. (Ew, I threw up in my mouth just typing that) Next trip out to LA, you’re on my list!

  5. bwahaha, that song has been stuck in my head for days. The video is soo weird! The headgear makes me lol every time…And still…I can’t stop watching it.

    Can’t wait to hear about your weekend with Ms. Holly !

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