In The Meantime

Yup, I’m still without internet.

I realize there are simple solutions to the problem, like take my computer to a coffee shop with free wi-fi or actually go to a store and buy the cables that I need, but that would just be too easy.

Plus, I’ve really been trying to deprive the world of this picture:

It had to be seen.

I was in my dear friend Vassaly’s wedding this past weekend.  The ceremony was traditional Laos with elements of Vietnamese culture as well.  Plus some good ol’ Americana like Miller Lite and a stripper pole.  On the party bus.

We don’t mess.

I’ve also been too busy to make it to a wi-fi hot spot because I’ve been dominating the beach volleyball courts.

And by “dominating” I mean embarrassing my team.  It’s a good thing everyone makes it to playoffs or we would’ve been done a long time ago.

It’s tough not being able to reach the net, let me tell you.

So while all my pictures of the dishes I’ve been coming up with and the meals I’ve been eating at restaurants are stuck on my computer, I thought I’d give you a recap of the workouts I’ve been doing.

Like my fellow cheap-ass, Amy, I don’t have a gym membership at the moment.  The cheapest one around me is still almost $50/month, and I don’t really feel the need to pay that much just to use a treadmill and maybe a bike here and there.

I’m not a group fitness kind of person (not including the aforementioned volleyball team) so during the summer, I either go for a run or work out at home.

And no, I’m not embarrassed about it.  Except sometimes when my neighbors in the building across the street see me doing plyos and sumo squats in my sweet ass sports bra and shorts.  But not really even then.

You can get a good workout from a DVD, no joke.

Some of you know that I did the entire Insanity program last winter.


It was an awesome workout program- I would actually say that these were the best workouts I’ve had.  The second month almost got too hard since the workouts got longer, but all around I would recommend this one to anyone.

I know there are some conflicting opinions about The Biggest Loser and the workout DVD’s that were spawned from it, but I happen to be a fan.

I did part of this one this morning:


Actually, I did one of the Insanity “warm-ups” (I use that term loosely- it’s like a 12 minute workout on its own) and 20 minutes of strength training with 8-lb weights and it was a good workout.

Which leads me to my point- you can mix and match workout DVD’s and keep getting a great workout, even when you get sort of bored of your collection.

So go ahead and make fun of my step routines and the show I’m giving my neighbors.

The commute to my gym is a lot shorter than yours.

12 thoughts on “In The Meantime

  1. As someone who did P90X and Insanity and owns more workout DVDs than I care to admit to the world wide web, I completely agree. However, my un-airconditioned house isn’t going to see me get my sweat on regularly. I’ve done it a few times a week, but I caved and got a gym mebership yesterday. For $30 a month. Anything more and I’d be sucking it up right with you.

  2. I refuse to pay money to go to the gym. I run past it all the time, and have zero intentions of ever going in there again. Its expensive, theres never any parking, and every single person I went to high school with goes there. I would far rather let Jillian Michaels kick my ass in the comfort of my own living room.

  3. I have a gym membership, but sometimes I still like a good DVD or ONDemand workout. Nothing like being able to workout in the comfort of your own home.
    And the pole/Miller Lite pic is priceless. You are my kinda gal!

  4. I used to do workout dvds all the time and then do cardio in my buildings gym, but since I’ve been a member at a yoga studio, I have traded them for yoga. I definitely agree though, you can get a great workout from a dvd!

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