Photographic Evidence

Do you ever have those weekends when you’re a flurry of activity and you had your camera with you all weekend and you’re sure you preserved lots of memories on film (or memory card, as it were) only to turn on your camera Monday morning to find 2 pictures?


Yeah, me neither.

This weekend I took 3.

Photo #1: These were the seats that my friend, John, graciously gifted me to the Cubs/Reds game on Friday:

Not bad, huh?  For perspective- I’m pretty sure these are the best seats I’ve ever [legally] sat in at Wrigley.  Cubs tickets can be a hot commodity, no matter what the haters say.

Photo #2:  A picture of me and aforementioned friend, John. I believe I thought a photo of the two of us was an appropriate thank you for the ticket.

He may or may not agree.

Photo #3: In case we didn’t catch the view adequately the first time.

I also took a picture of the butt of my car last week:

See those spots on the ground under the car?

There’s rust (or something very similar to rust) leaking from the ceiling of my parking garage ONTO my car.  I’m seriously praying that property management makes haste on this one because my car is sick of wearing a diaper made of paper towel every time I park it for the night.

Oh, and I even took a photo of FOOD recently!

Ok, that’s not me.

And it’s a corndog, what of it?

The point is, I miss Catherine.

Cat, come home.  We need you more than Australia does.

They’ve got Hugh Jackman and Vegemite, they’ll be fine.

Plus, it’s actually summer here.

And the toilets flush the right way.

These are the things that keep me up at night and the camera out of my hand.

18 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence

  1. Yikes, I hope your car is OK! I would be pretty irate.

    Love that you had a corn dog. I LOVE CORN DOGS. Must find a street fair or something ASAP….

  2. Those seats are so good, I may have even stooped to going to a Cubs game. Hey, by the way, how’d your Cubs do against the Brewers?

    Just curious.

  3. Wow nice seats lets hang out with him when I return! PS that was one hell of a corn dog…one thing Australia doesn’t have. At least not that I have seen anyway. I will say I miss your couch and of course your super funny self. Gimme gimme shoes…lets get em!! 🙂 And what the heck property people…get your sh*t together I reckon you pay enough to live there that Dora should be safe…is Dora the name of your car or just the GPS I can’t remember! haha

  4. Those are some awesome seats!!

    Is the rust coming from the roof of the ceiling (where the cement is) or the metal support beams? If it’s the support beams, they can paint over it every few years and keep it from dripping rust.

    If there is even .005% (i.e. microscopic amounts) of Iron in the cement they used to build the parking garage, there is nothing they will be able to do about the rust drips…it’ll consistantly precipitate out of the cement every time it gets wet…they might be able to layer some more cement or putty over it. I’m sorry!! That totally blows!

    • They sent a contractor out to look at it- they’re not sure if it’s coming from the cement or the drainage pipe that runs over my car. They have to fix it somehow, otherwise they can pay to have my car re-finished. 🙂

  5. That happens to me all the time. I suck at taking pictures. Although having a decent phone camera now has helped somewhat. Jealous of the seats! And hope they get the rust situation fixed pronto!

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