Is My Hoveround Showing?

This is a big weekend for America, my friends.

Ok, maybe not “America”.  Maybe just for me.

And my mom.

It’s my birthday weekend! Technically, my actual birthday is on Monday, but celebrating on a Monday isn’t really all that exciting, so I’m dedicating this weekend to birthday shenanigans.

And I think we know what I mean by “shenanigans”.



And I’m sure this will happen (more than once):

When it comes to my birthday, I’m not really all that complicated.  All I need is:

1. The Cubs.
2. Friends! (together, preferably)
3. More Cubs.
4. Perhaps a nice meal.
5. And a beer+hot dog in sweet, sweet harmony.

I’m pretty pumped about it all right now.

But check back with me on Monday.

I’ll probably be wheeling around on my motorized scooter yelling at kids to hike their pants up while drinking an Ensure and reminiscing about the times when I couldn’t tuck my boobs into my skirt.

11 thoughts on “Is My Hoveround Showing?

  1. Happy birthday!! When I went the Brewer game a few weeks ago, I was that girl who sneered about some kid needing to pull up his pants. True.

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your shenanigans (every time I hear that word now I think of Super Troopers, is that odd???) 🙂

    • I would say that I use that word at least 78% more since I saw Super Troopers for the first time, so no, not weird at all. 🙂

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