And There I Went


Huge accidental blog hiatus there.

As it turns out, I needed my summer to go out with a bang.  Remember that whole, “I’ll sleep when it’s winter” claim I made?  Well, I’m still holding onto it like a college kid to his Keystone Light.

My roommate and I are currently holding a competition to see who is home the least over the next month.  She is a tax accountant and has to work long hours (legitimate excuse).  I, on the other hand, am clearly on a kamikaze mission to eliminate all sleep from my life.

It’s good times.  You should try it sometime*.

*You should also ignore every piece of advice I give you, especially if it involves the word “kamikaze”.

So, the last week has involved odd jobs (ie, babysitting), bookclubs (have another one tonight), belated birthday dinners (thanks, Amber!), outdoor concerts (Guster, I love you) and sports.

Lots of sports.

I went to my very first Bears game!

Through a very generous gift, my friend Chrissy and I were able to go to the Bears/Browns game last week- the last game of the preseason.

I had a skirt on and was complaining that my legs were sweating so much that I kept slipping off of the plastic seat.  Not glamorous.

And yes, I caught myself- soon I’m going to be complaining that my skin is literally frozen so I shut my trap.

Mmm, fooooootball.

In other news, I organized a fantasy league for my office and had the draft today.  I will only say that I am going to dominate the season and I am REALLY good at smack-talking my coworkers.

I also hit up another Cubs game over Labor Day weekend with Amy.

I’m sure you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about Cubs games by now, but this one was big.

And not because we beat the Pirates [again].  We all know the Cubs’ season is dead in the water.

It’s because this game marks the completion of my ONE GOAL for the summer: make it to 10 games at Wrigley.


Some might say that it’s sad that this was my only goal for the summer.

You know what I say to them?

That’s managing expectations, my friends.

And I am officially done for the season.

Unless of course, someone has Cubs tickets they want to give me.

Don’t threaten me with a good time.

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    • I actually said “Blam, bitches!” at one point. I think it’s important that they all see my real colors sooner than later.

  1. Dude I’ve been doing part-time babysitting too…it sucks up a lot of time but you can’t beat the feeling of being handed a wad of cash for watching TV and feeding a mini-adult some mushy mac and cheese for dinner.

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