Don’t Be That Guy

I know that everyone and their mother has written a post about “being a food blogger at a restaurant with people that you don’t know well and don’t know your quirky blogger ways”, so I won’t bore you with another.

On Saturday I dined at Ben Pao for its very last night of service.

I went with Vassaly and a fairly large group of her friends, most of whom have worked at the restaurant at some point, and none of whom knew me before that night.

For fear of being “that weird girl that came to dinner with us one night and photo-logged her entire meal”, I only snuck in one picture.

I think we can all agree that it was the right one to take.

Hello, tiki mug.

I’m not sure what was in that drink (rum, I know that much) but it was durrrn tasty.  I stopped at one, though, so snaps for Megan!

Luckily, being as I was obsessed with Ben Pao’s seven flavor beef, I happen to have an old photo to show you what I ate my weight in this time around:

I’m pretty torn up over the fact that this recipe isn’t available anywhere anymore.

It’s beef. Deep fried.  And then tossed with peanuts and baby angel laughs.

Apparently Bill and Giuliana Rancic are opening an Italian restaurant in its place within the year.  Italian?  Booo.

There are a million places to get Italian in this city, and I’ll really miss a place like Ben Pao that consistently had great food with a unique, modern spin.

Think I could convince the Rancics to keep the seven flavors?  Or would that be one too many flavors to fit in with the “skinny dishes” menu?

11 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Guy

    • Um, I was completely planning on taking it with me, but one of the guys that I was with said, “are you done with your drink”, then TOOK the glass out from under me, poured out the garnishes and took it for himself. Rude.

  1. I agree with Amy – you totally should have swiped that tiki mug. Especially since the restaurant is closing! I mean, it’s not like Bill and Giuliana are going to be able to recycle them and use them in their new fancy Italian restaurant – which I have to agree, Chicago does not need. Quite a shame. That beef looks amazing. But seriously how can you go wrong with deep-fried anything?

  2. Mama Depandi’s! Sorry Bill and Giuliana are taking over a good spot, hopefully their restaurant is as good as they seem to think it will be.

    Also, yes, you totally should have swiped the mug.

  3. Go back and see if they’ll let you take it as a token to remember them by. And if they say “no” just grab one and run as fast as your little legs can carry you and scream “I’ll never forget you!!” as you run into the sunset.
    Also “baby angel laughs” made me giggle.

  4. Italian food is my fav, but I still think there are too many Italian restaurants in most any US city. So much for variety.

  5. I hate when good places close down. And when good places change their menu and turn into bad places. It makes me sad.
    Its sad that you couldn’t steal a souvenir. I would totally have at least taken a fork. I mean, its not like they can ban you.

  6. You should’ve swiped the mug!
    I laugh every time I think of Guiliana Rancic opening a restaurant. She’s the last person I would trust putting together a menu. I like food in my food if you know what I mean.

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