Herbs or Rocket Fuel

There are a lot of reasons for my mom to be proud of me.

I eat my vegetables.

I get eight hours sleep every most nights.

I choose quality literature over trashy Bravo TV at least once a year.

And lately, I’ve become very good at taking my vitamins.

Along with my B-complex, D and C vitamins, I take a daily probiotic and a few drops of this oregano oil.

In case you haven’t heard, oregano oil is reallll good for you.  Like, better than a glass of wine, Snickers bar and a massage good.

Ok, it tastes like old person’s mothballs.

Not that I actually know what old person mothballs taste like, but let’s just say for argument’s sake that they have similar flavor profiles.

But it’s good for you.  Just ask my sister.  It cured her asthma.

Anyway, I went to dispense my drops this afternoon and noticed this:

What is in this stuff?  How did it eat through the rubber stopper?

Is it herbs or lighter fluid?

It could be tearing a large hole in my liver.

Or else I’ll develop super powers and live forever.

I’ll take my chances.

I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off the spandex underpant look.

15 thoughts on “Herbs or Rocket Fuel

  1. I TOLD you it was potent stuff…must listen to your big sister. And please don’t do the underwear thing…I ran around in my Wonder Woman Underoos and people are still talking about it….

  2. Haha, that just means it’s killing all the harmful germs right? I suck at taking vitamins. I do it maybe once a month.

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