All I Need

I’m sure it’s very apparent that I really enjoy socializing and being in the presence of others as much as possible.

I’m afraid of the voices in my head, if I’m being honest.

So when several of my closest friends moved away (all to different parts of the world) within months of each other, I shed more than one tear.

Luckily, they all come visit whenever they can, including Colleen, who was in town for work last week.

Colleen lives all the way across the country in LA and our reunions are much too few and far between.

Lucky for me, Colleen brought another friend into my life before she up and left us- Chrissy.

We like Chrissy.

And we like $5 sandwich night at Black Rock Pub & Kitchen.  Which happens to be Tuesdays, incidentally.

Know what else I like?  Buffalo chicken. Melty blue cheese. Pretzel bun.

Tater tots.

No, really.  Remember that whole ode to the potato I posted recently?

It’s deep and it’s real.

It’s also why my grocery list for tonight looks a little like this:

spaghetti squash
brussels sprouts
sweet potatoes

Errr…yeah, that last one.  Still a potato, huh?

Maybe I should just call them yams?

But in all honesty, there’s not a whole lot better than good food with great friends, and those tots really just sealed the deal for me.  Plus, they softened the harsh fact that those dinners happen too infrequently.

Maybe if Colleen moved back to Chicago I could kick the tot habit for good.


It was worth a shot.

16 thoughts on “All I Need

  1. I agree with Molly. Friends shouldn’t let friends move from Chicago. I have the same problem — we should have been more vigilant. 😉 Let’s you and I work at building a campaign to bring our respective gal pals back here…ASAP. For the love of all things tots.

  2. CHicken, blue cheese, tots and pretzels? WHERE do I sign up! Seeing long lost friends is the bomb diggity. My BFF lives in Denver, I’m in Okie-land, one is in Savannah and the other still is back in Chicago. And now Low up and left me for DC. Yep, sucks. But at least ALL of us are in a really happy place so you can’t argue with that!

  3. I love tots. There’s a place in DC that serves badass tots. Steph and Kelly can attest to this.
    Therefore, you should come to DC and eat them.
    The end.

    • You make a compelling argument, my friend. There are also some badass tots in Chicago. Maybe we should all go on a country wide tot tour?

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