Is It Me?

Remember this guy?

Well, after weeks of drooling over it in my freezer and debating if NOW was the perfect time to bust it out, I finally got lazy enough to bake it up for dinner.

As per the directions on the box, I placed the pizza directly onto the oven rack and let ‘er rip.

Then this happened:

When I peeked in at the pizza after it was about halfway done cooking, I noticed that the edges of the pizza were starting to droop through the rack.

I threw a piece of tin foil onto the rack below it to catch any falling cheese and avoid a messy, fuming oven and let it finish cooking.

Then I used a spatula to carefully slide the pizza off the rack and onto my piece of foil, but I still ended up with a pizza that more or less completely fell apart.

I guess I’ll have my crust before the rest of my pizza…

What is going on with my Trader Joe’s frozen meals?  Remember those paneer rolls I bought a while back that resembled soup more than rolls?

Have I lost my freezer section mojo?

I think the moral of the story here is that TJ’s comes up with some really inventive ready-made meals but probably needs to do a little extra work in development to make the food actually look like the picture on the box.

In their defense, however, I will say that this pizza was delicious.

Falling apart, but delicious.

And I’d still recommend it.

But if I were you, I’d bake it on a cookie sheet.

Oven racks don’t need any more expletives shouted at them after this experience.

10 thoughts on “Is It Me?

  1. It really sucks when the cheese lands on the burner part of the electric oven, starts on fire, burns smoke all thru the kitchen and family room, sets off the smoke detector and makes you get yelled at. It’s not like I did it on purpose!! Stupid pizzas. But I love them so.

  2. Bummer. I’ve had decent luck with TJ’s frozen meals. I’m having veg pad thai from their freezer section today for lunch. Let’s hope it’s a success.

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