Talk Me Out of This

So, this weekend passed like many other autumn weekends do.

Some college football.

Some NFL football.

Some stalking my fantasy team and wondering why the HECK all my players had to implode during the same week.

The combination of the above = a slight sense of fuzziness come Sunday morning.

Of course, the Chicago Marathon was this Sunday.

That’s the view from my balcony.

There is nothing, nothing that will make you feel more worthless than watching people bust through 26.2 miles in the heat while you’re sitting on your breezy balcony wishing that you had forgone that last Sam Adams Octoberfest the night before.

And forget about side-stepping the issue by trying to sleep through it.  It’s impossible.

So, Sunday morning, I sat on my balcony and watched elites, runners and walkers pass by for 2 1/2 hours.

I sat there the whole time.

And maybe it was the mild hangover talking, but I started getting emotional.  I’m not proud to admit that I’m just about as emotionally unstable as a 14 month pregnant woman on a good day, but it was a little bit ridiculous- even for me.

As I started to get choked up watching people run by, I started thinking about how amazing it would feel to run that marathon some day.

I mean…I’ve got a year to train…

So now I need someone to slap me across the face and talk me out of this before I start losing toenails.

17 thoughts on “Talk Me Out of This

  1. Don’t do it!! Or do it. Whatever you want. I’d watch you if I lived there, or watch with you if you decide not to.

    Not what you had in mind, comment-wise, is it? We’re very helpful blog readers. You can thank us later.

  2. Watching a marathon in person always gets me emotional. Even when I ran my half marathons, I still got choked up about the people who do fulls despite obvious physical limitations. (The elite runners do not make me emotional…)
    So if it’s something you want, go for it!
    Also, I cannot outsleep a hangover either. I am bitterly jealous of those who can.

    • Haha, yeah I don’t get emotional over the elites, either. Especially since the guy that won this year got $100K plus a $50K bonus for breaking the course record.

  3. I will support you in either decision! Then I will add you to my list of “people I know who are crazy for running so far” (but it’s a “good” crazy and will be EXTREMELY PROUD to add you to that list!!)

    You will not see me ever going over 3 miles. I like to keep it real and that is my real.

  4. Ha! The marathon always gets me thinking “What if…” too, but then winter comes and I snap right out of it. But it would be good if you decided to do it! (but not good for your toenails!)

  5. There were so many races that started right below our balcony, and I always had similar feelings!!
    You should do a race – do they have other lengths besides marathon? A half? Or go for the full, you can do it!!!

  6. I’ll fake internet slap you! ahhaha I’ve never been a fan of running marathons or “of the like.” If people just like to do it for fun…that’s a different story. Just to make you feel better, I’m in great shape and LOVE to sit on the balcony and watch people walk/run 25+ miles while I casually drink my coffee. I just keep thinking to myself, stinks to be them. I have better things to do. I could get my strength training and intense cardio intervals all finished and watch a couple movies by the time they are finished! Who’s the smart one ahhah. Do you feel like you need to be in a marathon for any reason??

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