Those Amish Women Know What’s Up


About 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me a plastic baggie with some goo in it.

Sounds gross, right?

It was actually Amish Friendship bread starter.

The concept, as I understand it, is that only the Amish women have the recipe for the starter, so if you want to make this bread you need to either have a friend give you a bag of starter or meet some Amish people.

Seeing as I don’t live in PA, the chance of the latter happening isn’t great.

Anyway, my friend gave me a bag and I followed the instructions as closely as my non-baking mind could.

I waited a few days, mixing the ingredients in the bag each day and adding flour, sugar and milk until the dough was ready.

One of the instructions given to me was NO METAL.  No metal bowls, spoons, or anything. NO METAL!

See that whisk?  Know what it’s made of?



I actually didn’t have anything that I could actually bake the bread in besides metal loaf pans, so I said a little prayer and threw them in the oven.

Not bad for someone who is clearly incapable of following instructions, huh?

I swapped out some of the white sugar for brown and added chocolate chips because if I know anything, it’s that chocolate can save pretty much any baked good.

The result was a cross between coffee cake and a muffin, and yes, the chocolate chips were a good idea.

So thank you, women of the Amish community.  Thank you for creating a recipe that allows me 10 full days to screw up but not totally ruin.

11 thoughts on “Those Amish Women Know What’s Up

  1. I’ve made more amish friendship bread than I can seriously remember. There was this two year span of my life when everywhere I turned someone was handing me a starter bag of goop. Pretty sure I disregarded the “no metal” rule a time or two as well. Your bread actually looks better than I ever recall mine looking, so well done! Oh and the chocolate chips? Genius. Pure genius.

  2. I get Amish friendship bread almost yearly down in these parts. It’s delish! I never thought to add any goodness like chocolate chips though! Nice!

  3. I have never heard of that before and I’m from PA like 20 minutes outside Amish country.
    However I did go to college in the middle of Amish-land and on more than one occasion had to jump out of the way of a horse & buggy barreling down the road, simultaneously trying not to spill my beer. Now THAT is a useful skill I learned in college.

    • Metal can be reactive with the ingredients in certain recipes, and can result in a metallic taste in the finished product. I didn’t notice any in mine, though!

  4. SO FUNNY. i have that same bag of goo on my counter and have had it since 9/27. google told me it’s ok if you put off making it.. i keep putting it off…

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