Squtternut Bosh

Remember that episode of Friends in which Joey tells the story of when Ross tried to say “butternut squash” and it came out “squtternut bosh”?


That was a good episode.

Ever since I saw it, I have not been able to purchase, cook or look at a butternut squash without saying “squtternut bosh”.

It’s pretty annoying. I thought you should know.

Anyway, I bought a butternut squash last week and I finally got tired of staring at it and muttering “squtternut bosh” so I decided to cook it up.

Looks like a Conehead.

Butternut squash can be kind of a pain in the ass to prepare- the skin is really tough and takes some muscle to peel.

I recommend just using a vegetable peeler rather than slicing it off with a knife- you’ll save more of the flesh and probably won’t slice your hand in half.


I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do, so I just peeled the sucker and scraped out the seeds, cubed it up and threw it on a baking sheet to roast.

I sprinkled the cubes with some salt, chili powder and cinnamon and left them roast for about 45 minutes at 400°.

I wasn’t ready to commit to one dish by the time the roasting was completed, so I’ve been throwing it into my lunch for the past few days.

One day I mixed some cubes into rice with a few other veggies thrown in for good measure.

Today, I mashed some of it up and mixed it with frozen spinach, frozen edamame, frozen corn, a big handful of fresh cilantro, some cheddar cheese and a big squirt of sriracha.

Note to self: butternut squash, cilantro and sriracha are phenomenal together.  Who would’ve thought?

I might puree the rest of the squash over the weekend and make some soup, but I think I need a few more days of  shuffling around my kitchen muttering “squtternut bosh” every time I see it before I get it out of my system.

Anybody have a favorite use for roasted butternut squash that they want to share?  The madness needs to end eventually.

17 thoughts on “Squtternut Bosh

  1. Love the spinach, edamame, corn, cilantro and sriracha combo. Genius! Any left? I’m happy to help you take care of those left-overs. As for the remainder, I vote for the soup. I’m a sucker for squtternut bosh soup. Either that or throw it together with some pasta. Maybe a little sage? It’s possibly my new favorite herb.

  2. If you want to get really fancy, get some wonton wrappers, puree the leftovers with sage, nutmeg and salt/pepper, and make ravioli. Eat it with sage-brown butter.

    I made that years ago. Once. And I dream of it nearly ever year since. But I can’t eat it. Damn that gluten.

    Or just make soup. You really can’t go wrong there.

    Also – I have two tips for you. Nuke the whole thing for about 3-4 minutes and its way easier to cut. You can also just throw the whole thing in the oven and roast the crap out of it, until the skin is all brown and crispy and it just pulls right off. You won’t get nice cubes the second way, but it tastes great and is the easiest way to cook it.

    • I thought about just roasting it whole, but I wanted the chunks. 🙂 Good call on the ravioli and pre-nuking, though!

  3. It’s really good if you puree it and use it as a pasta sauce- toss it around with some whole wheat shells, top it with parm, and bake it for twenty minutes. It’s pretty much awesome- I usually throw in some wilted spinach into the mixture to amp up the nutritional value- it does not disappoint!

  4. I really love butternut squash…but I mostly just roast it. I’m boring like that. However, I have had it in ravioli (though I have never attempted to make it myself) with a cream sauce and it was amazing.

    And btw, I think it’s inevitable that I will lose a finger peeling a squash someday.

  5. I gave myself a huge blister from cutting butternut squash last time from holding the knife so tight even after nuking the damn thing…it needs to be nuked way more than 4 minutes. That sucked.

    But the end result was great! I boiled the cubed pieces, mashed them with salt and milk and butter and cinnamon and brown sugar and they were like mashed potatoes (more more dessert-y).

  6. I love butternut squash, but I’m lame and lazy and only purchase it pre-cubed. Luckily more grocery stores are starting to sell it fresh and pre-cubed.
    And I love that episode! So good!

  7. The first (and only) time I tried to dice up a butternut squash, I broke a sweat. Then I said – never again! Now I just cut it in half and roast it. It may not be as pretty, but it’s still delish!

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