So Many Ideas…

Guess what!  I ate a salad over the weekend!

You are absolutely correct if you think that this is nothing to be impressed by.

It’s really not.

But somehow the weekend plate of greens has become a rare sighting around these parts.  Maybe my caveman instincts are kicking in and I’m trying to pack on some extra insulation for the cold winter months.

Well, it’s working.

Hence that salad.

But now I’m going to get all physics on your asses.  Remember Newton’s Laws of Motion?  Remember that one that says “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”?

Yeah, I was really good at physics.

Anyway, as soon as I ordered that salad, I also ordered this:

I realize that this pizza is not going to win any beauty contests any time soon (but why would you want a pizza to? The swim suit competition would be disgusting.), but it was a damn fine pizza.

Or flatbread.  The menu at Vines called it a pizza, but this is Chicago.  The crust was flat and crispy, ergo it is a flatbread.

This was the “spicy” pizza.  Sausage, pepperoni (I’m telling you- that Newton’s law thing is alive and well), jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and sriracha infused pizza sauce.

Oh yes.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sriracha is good in everything.

The fact that it was infused into the sauce caused a whirlwind of ideas to start spinning in my head…could it be infused into the pizza dough? (please, oh please) What else could it be infused into? (my mind is going to cocktails…)

This could be really bad.

Or really good.

At least sriracha itself is healthy.

9 thoughts on “So Many Ideas…

  1. I am totally packing on some insulation pounds. I heard this winter is going to be the worst ever so I’m going to need every extra ounce.

    Love, love, LOVE Vines. Their pizza is great. And so are their cocktails. 😉

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