A TGIF State of Mind

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been white-knuckling it this week.

The combination of craptastic weather, a busy week at work and earlier-than-normal wake up calls, I’m ready for some time off.

Even if I’m volunteering tomorrow morning and have to be up at 7.

Good planning, Megan.

If it’s not already apparent, my brain is fried.  It’s crispy, and greasy and golden brown…err, wait.

Shoot, now I want some fries.

I’m going to temporarily distract myself from the sudden craving onset by participating in the blogger award currently making its rounds on the interwebz, for which I was nominated by the ever-brilliant-at-MSPaint Shelby.

I’m supposed to tell you 10 things about myself.  I was a theatre major.  Shouldn’t be too hard to think of ways to talk about myself.  Here goes:

1.  Ever since I heard a radio ad from Trader Joe’s this week for their new crispy soy garlic chicken wings, I can’t. stop. thinking about them.


No seriously. I can’t stop. I want to go buy 4 bags of them and sink deep into a fried food coma. It would be worth it.

This might not be about ME, per se, but it is currently occupying a good chunk of my brain so I felt I should share.

2. My favorite song of all time is Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind.  I memorized all of the lyrics to it in 1997 and still know them by heart.

3. I rarely think a dessert is worth it if it doesn’t contain chocolate or peanut butter.  I don’t need both, but I do need at least one. (but both is better)

4. I have no sense of humor when it comes to my sports teams.  Cubs, Bears, BC Eagles…I don’t find trash talking them funny.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

Super fan 4 life.

And yes, that is Matt Ryan’s BC number.

5. Matt Ryan is my #1 crush.  No joke.  I love him. (Matty Ice, if you’re reading this, call me.)

6. I think paying more than $5 for a sandwich is highway robbery and I refuse to pay it.  Unless we’re talking about lobster.  I’ll pay up for a lobster roll any day of the week.

7. I have real issues with smiling normally for a camera.  Please see here:

And here:

Oh, and here:

It’s almost embarrassing how little time it took me to find appropriate examples of my point.

8.  I can’t stand raw tomatoes.  In fact, I don’t really like marinara sauce either.  Ketchup, however, is the stuff of dreams.

9.  I thought at one point I was going to go back to school to become an RD, which was the impetus for this little blog.  I no longer have any desire to do the RD thing.  Nope, none.  That doesn’t mean you’re getting rid of me, though.

10. If I were a flavor, it would be cilantro.  Don’t ask.

And now my brain is officially done for the day.

Happy happy houring!

13 thoughts on “A TGIF State of Mind

  1. I would be a bay leaf.
    Not really, but that was fun to say.
    And seriously, I hate the trash talk. My state rivals in college football are good this year. They were already the worst fans of all time, but now it’s almost unbearable. Just shut the eff up and let your team do the talking. We’ll see in about 6 weeks assholes.
    Oh but I do trash talk Texas, because they always suck.
    Whew, that felt good.
    Hope you get some rest this week!

  2. Up until like 2 years ago, there were maybe 7 photos of me that existed that were a normal smile and most of them were class photos. I just feel awkward when I do it. But my friends/family kept telling me to stop and so now I plaster that fake cheeser across my face and regret it every single time.
    You should see my smize though. Tyra would be so proud.
    Oh and I’d be Thai basil. That is all.

    • I’m pretty much just waiting for people to start telling me that I need to quit it with the weird expressions. It’s going to be a hard habit to break, I know that much.

  3. 2. My favorite song of all time is Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. I memorized all of the lyrics to it in 1997 and still know them by heart.

    At my wedding, my little brother’s band played this song, and it was the most awesome thing of my life. I decided that since I was the bride I should probably get on stage, which I did, and then I participated in a sister/brother duet. My brother said it was the best response to that song he’s even gotten at a gig, and I said it was probably because he was playing to a crowd of people who were 13 when it was on the radio.

    I love that song even more now.

  4. Hope the weekend lived up to your expectations!! 🙂
    I don’t like raw tomatoes either! Probably my least favorite fruit/veggie/produce.

  5. Semicharmed life was my favorite song when I was on crystal meth! =D No but yeah, I used to get pissed when they wouldn’t play the extended version. That was around the time I started realizing MTV was the devil.


    • Right? It was such good inspiration for the addiction! Oh, and ketchup is not evil, silly. I’m going to go ahead and blame that statement on pregnancy brain.

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