I Never Do This, But…

Back in college, when I had a stint as a human garbage disposal and ate more or less everything in sight, there came a time when counting calories became a necessary evil.

I don’t care what anyone says- counting calories does help you drop pounds.

And also prevents you from hitting late-night dining hall fare of fries and chicken tenders every night.

After diligently counting my calories for about 6 months, I dropped the habit since I had pretty much memorized the nutritional stats of all of my favorite foods and haven’t picked it up in earnest since.

That’s why you never see me analyzing the nutritional stats on my recipes.

That and because it’s a complete pain in the ass.

But since I made yet another mac ‘n cheese dish the other day, I figured it might be interesting to see what kind of stats I’m actually cramming down my piehole these days.

Because let’s be honest with each other: that doesn’t actually look very light.

I plugged in my ingredients exactly (except that there was no corn/quinoa macaroni option, so I opted for whole grain mac) and an honest serving size and here’s what the analyzer spit back at me:

More than 21 grams of protein, less than 300 calories and not an insane amount of fat per serving??  PLUS, it has 250% of your RDA of Vitamin A, a good amount of Vitamins B-6, B-12 and C, and enough manganese and selenium to knock a horse on its ass.

Damn, I’m good.

Go ahead and make this.

You can even have 2 servings.  Your arteries won’t mind.

16 thoughts on “I Never Do This, But…

  1. Do you miss the chicken tenders and deep fried cheese sticks at Mac or lower? 🙂 I haven’t had late night yet(neither do i want to), but the chocolate disposal is killing me right now haha.
    McElroy has been completely revamped. They tell us freshmen that we’re completely lucky ^^
    Oh and you should come back to see Gasson! MOST.AMAZING.SIGHT.EVER. The hallmark of school.
    Our alma mater is amazing 🙂 I’m so glad I’m here!

    • I lived on Newton, so it was either Stuart or Lower. You should probably check out late night at some point- it’s an institution. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it every night. Glad you’re doing well at BC!

  2. I need to become friends with this mac’n’cheese.
    And when I first saw the calorie stats I thought it said 2,801 and I literally said out loud, “DAAAAMN” and then I realized my error and said, once again out loud, “damn.”
    Oh and also in college I used to eat like 18 course meals. How I didn’t gain more than 10lbs is truly a mystery.

  3. In college I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s every single day for an entire summer. no joke. I gained 20 pounds and became lactose intolerant. That’s some karma for you.

  4. I know people, self included, who mainly ate processed foods or something with nutritional info included simply because it made the tracking of points (for Weight Watchers) or calories so much easier. Eventually it does get easier as you tend to memorize stuff. I still check out labels of foods, but would hate to start doing all that tracking once again.

    • I completely agree. I ate my fake food for a while, too- those 0 point jello cups were my world for a month or two. Blech.

  5. I try to track calories sometimes, since I’ve been gaining weight on the reg. But I always get bored. I love that this is so healthy though!

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