When I’m Beat, I’m Beat

Tuesday was my mom’s birthday.

There was great debate over whether the family would dine out or dine Chez Megan (and by Chez Megan, I mean my parents’ house with me manning the kitchen).

Ultimately, Mom decided that going out would be nice, so out we went to a hidden gem on the north shore of Chicago called Jerry’s.

And then I proceeded to embarrass my sister by taking pictures of all my food.

There was the classic wedge salad.

My entree consisted of Korean marinated skirt steak with wasabi mashed potatoes.

(And the reason those pictures are so oddly lit is that I actually positioned the plates on the window sill next to our table which was the only place there was any decent light in the whole place.  By doing this, I think I managed to embarrass my sister even more.  Bwahahaha.

Can you tell I’m the baby of the family?)

And we shared a few sides: garlic-y green beans and brussels sprouts tossed with bacon crumbles.

Although there was angel food cake waiting at home (my mom’s favorite), we shared a warm pecan pie à la mode.

This restaurant is really, really good.

My mom even said that they were the best brussels sprouts she’d ever had.

(To which I took great offense, obviously. I thought I was the master of the sprout.  That hurt, Mom.)

But how I had never eaten here, being the self-proclaimed food addict that I am, is beyond me.

And how is everything that comes out of that kitchen so brilliantly prepared?

All of us raved about our choices.  The fish was good.  The steak was good.  The sides were good.  The pecan pie- I have no words.  And there wasn’t even any chocolate or peanut butter in it.

This was clearly the better choice for my mom’s birthday celebration dinner.

And I’ve clearly got to up my culinary efforts to compete with this place if I want my family to ever ask me to cook for them again.

I’ll consider the proverbial glove thrown down.

Bring it on.

13 thoughts on “When I’m Beat, I’m Beat

  1. Though I have only seen, not tasted, your brussel sprouts I still find it hard to believe that Jerry’s has you beat. That being said, I do have a soft spot in my heart for this establishment. And their pecan pie.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Im sure she meant they were the best brussels sprouts shes had while eating out. Yours surely werent included in that comment. 🙂
    All that food looks amazing. I actually even drooled a little at the steak, and I dont like steak. (Dont tell my dad, there have been many fights around the subject)

  3. That all looks amazing. I love going out to eat, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. You can cook for me anytime though. I bet your sprouts are delectable.

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