Globetrotting #2: Puerto Vallarta

I’m back for my second installment of stories from my travels.

Otherwise known as the post wherein all my readers start to hate me.

I assure you that this frequency of traveling is completely out of character for me.  But when an opportunity presents itself, I’m not one to slam the door in its face.

And that’s exactly how this trip to Mexico happened.  Two of my friends were getting married in Puerto Vallarta, and prior to 2 weeks ago the circumstances didn’t align to make the trip south feasible for me.

Luckily, things fell into place and a last minute plane ticket later (which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!), I landed in sunny Puerto Vallarta.

Fun fact: PV is on the same time-zone as Chicago, so I was pretty much ready to rock the second I touched down and kept going until the last embers in the bonfire faded that night.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, which is also where all of the wedding events occurred, and let me tell you one thing: I cannot be trusted in an all-you-can eat setting.

Especially when there is guacamole involved.

I have to hand it to them, Dreams Resort & Spa actually has very nice food, considering it’s all included in the price of your stay.  Of course, I’m lacking photos of much of it because I was usually covered in a thick layer of sunscreen and sand* and didn’t want to ruin my camera.

*By “sunscreen and sand” I mean guacamole.

In all, I’d definitely recommend the resort.  Good food, attentive and accommodating staff (who mostly spoke English, which was very helpful for my non-Spanish speaking ass), good drinks and hey- how bad could it ever be when you’re waking up to this view?

Congrats to the happy couple, Ben and Sarah! I was so happy that I could join in the celebration and couldn’t be happier for them.

Oh, and thanks for giving me an excuse to get an early winter tan.  If you need to have an anniversary party in Mexico a few years down the road, I suppose I could make the trip. 😉

13 thoughts on “Globetrotting #2: Puerto Vallarta

  1. Oh thats where we stayed for our Honeymoon. We stayed in the towers and loved it!

    PV is awesome!

  2. I am thinking about a Christmas vacation to a beach – would you recommend this place? I’m going to check out the link right now…

    • Definitely, I liked it a lot! There are 2 towers- we stayed in the less expensive one, which definitely isn’t as swanky as the Preferred Tower, but they’re both very nice and clean.

  3. I really need to start traveling “all inclusive”. I want to go to Hawaii and meet a sad Jason Segel and make him realize Sarah Marshall is a bitch and I am the woman of his dreams and we live happily ever after. Even if his obsession with muppets creeps me out a little…

    Wait… what were we talking about? Oh yeah… looks like a fun trip!

    I still hate you. But only a little.

    • Yes, but technically you’d have to MOVE there and work at a resort. I support this and I would expect annual free stays, just so we’re clear on that up front.

  4. Nice! I have never been to an all-inclusive resort where the food didn’t suck, but I always overate anyways. I’m a lost cause.

  5. All-inclusive is the way to go. Though last time I went to an all-inclusive resort I came back almost 10 pounds heavier. That’s what happens when you have a margarita and nachos for breakfast everyday.

    Anyway, it should be noted that the resort you stayed at looks like it was waaaayyy better than the one I stayed at. I’m glad you had a good time!

  6. How gorgeous! I’m rather jealous. I will not be jealous for long though b/c my parents get us for Christmas this year and that means I will be in FL for 6 days. WOO HOO!! But the guac…oh I want some guac…

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