Well That’s A First

I’ve told you all about my weekend eating habits.

Generally speaking, I’m all about restaurant fare from Friday to Sunday.  I like to give my kitchen (ok, myself) a break from the routine.

This weekend was a first. I didn’t eat out for one single meal. I either cooked or had someone cook for me for every meal.

Friday night, I trekked over to Amy’s for a meatball dinner.

They were real good. And it was nice to be treated to dinner. Thanks, Amy!  Sorry I made you drink wine! (Although, you really should have expected it, let’s be honest)

Saturday, I cooked up some salmon and roasted broccoli with friends.

Sunday, I tested out some recipes.

I literally did not buy one single meal.

What does this mean? Who have I become?

Oh, right. Someone who has a fridge full of groceries.  I finally figured out what to do with them.

13 thoughts on “Well That’s A First

  1. I’ve been eatingout on the weekends less than usual, but zero meals is a huge accomplishment. And it sounds like you didn’t even slumb 90% of it out of the cereal box, which is what I would have done…

  2. Look at you, Ms. Domestic Queen. I’m impressed!!! I need to stop eating out so much. It’s killing my wallet. Anytime you feel like you want to cook, head over to my place. I’d be happy to help you eat the fruits of your labor!

  3. I love this- I did the same thing this weekend and felt odd about it- but kind of proud! No overly processed nonsense for me, AND it’s December? Bizarre- I doubt I’ll keep it up–those meatballs looked awesome!

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