Non Sequitur of the Day

I headed to my parents’ house after work last night, and while I was hanging out, my dad suddenly thought of something that he had been meaning to show me.  He ran to the next room and came back with this:

In case it’s not immediately apparent, I’m left-handed.

The article detailed some new studies that have come out recently which have argued the following points:

1. Left-handed people are more prone to neurological disorders, such as schizophrenia and ADHD.
2. Left-handed people earn about 10% less than right-handed people.
3. Left-handed people are more apt to have greater divergent aptitude (ie, creativity.).
4. Left-handed people don’t necessarily die younger than those who are right-handed.

So what am I taking away from this?

Well, maybe it explains why I was a theatre major.

Also, my crazy is legitimate.  And you’d better believe I’m going to reference this article every time I forget to do something at work or have a PMS flare up. And now we know that I’ll be around for a looong time to do it.

So thanks, Wall Street Journal!

8 thoughts on “Non Sequitur of the Day

  1. Oh no! haha

    When I was little and saw left-handed people, I assumed it was because they mastered right handed writing so I was determined to be left handed too. Now I’m *somewhat* ambidextrous 😛

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