It’s Not Christmas Until Someone Leaves Devastated

You know, I’ve never been one of those people that thinks Christmas is stressful and a burden with all of the presents that need buying and parties that need attending.

That being said, last year I went to a LOT of Christmas parties.

This year, not so much.  One way or another, I’ve had commitments for almost all of the Christmas parties that I wanted to attend.  It’s been sort of nice to just enjoy my own little Christmas tree and scented candle and watch holiday-themed Lifetime movie marathons…

Wait, I don’t do that. Psssh.  We’re in an awkward place, let’s move on.

Even though it has been nice to have a low-key social calendar this month, there’s one party that I don’t miss- my sister’s ornament exchange that she hosts every year.  It’s  a white elephant style exchange with really beautiful ornaments, and it can get a bit heated.

One wouldn’t think that a group of women (mostly mothers of young children) would get rowdy over glass and ceramic objects, but they do.  Oh, how they do.

After appetizers and cocktail hour, we retire (I use that word loosely) to the living room where the battle begins.  Luckily this year I think everyone was happy with the ornament that they took home.  Or at least, no one ended up with any physical battle wounds.

Personally, I ended up with this beauty:

The other Christmas tradition that I can’t miss? The annual cookie exchange at my office.

Today, my conference room looked like this:

and this:

The annual office cookie exchange!

Plus queso.  Because cheese makes everything better.

Let’s be honest, with a spread like that, you can’t just stop with one cookie.  I mean, you could, but why would you want to?

My contribution was this:

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate covered candied bacon, à la How Sweet It Is.

Needless to say, after all the cookies and a glass of spiked eggnog I don’t think anyone’s afternoon was all that productive.  Anyone else think that December should just be entirely written off on the productivity front?

So despite how different this season may be from my usual social calendar, I think I’ve come away from it sufficiently adorned and sugar-coma induced.  And now I think I need to rest up before the big guy shimmies down my chimney.


17 thoughts on “It’s Not Christmas Until Someone Leaves Devastated

  1. There’s been a dramatic drop in my holiday parties this year as well. I’m thinking it may have to do with the fact that Roosevelt knocked over a Christmas tree at a party last year…But hey, he was invited. And he’s a dog. So it can’t really be helped. Anyway, your cookies look awesome. I’ve been dying to try that recipe (along with all of her others) but fear I would just eat an entire batch myself.

  2. I don’t typically watch Lifetime movies, but if I could get a break from the madness that’s been going on and not stopping until after New Year’s, I would park my ass in front of the TV and watch every single one of them.
    Love the ornament! And love that your office does a cookie exchange. My office is so not that festive.

  3. Love the rowdy story of the ornament party. Glad this year’s party was a bit more toned down – the ornament you took home is beautiful!

    Those cookies are making me want to go to the store right now and pick up some bacon. YUM.

  4. Chocolate covered candied bacon! I want to work at your office!! And am totally ripping this one off of How Sweet It Is.

  5. Your cookies sound amazing! I’m a vegetarian, but my love of bacon is deep and it tests me daily. I wish we had a cookie swap at my work. The naps would be so much better if we had a sugar crash to blame as opposed to, you know, work.

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