Wine and Cheese

I love restaurants.

I love scouring the menu on the internet before I get there, I love settling in to a cozy booth with a bread basket, and I even love sitting at the bar with a cocktail while waiting for a table.

But sometimes there’s nothing better than having someone bring food over to enjoy with a glass (read: entire bottle) of wine.

On Friday, my dear friend Vassaly proposed a dinner in and said she’d bring the food.

The girl knows what I like.

Fig preserves, because we’re fancy.

A pear.  I sliced it myself!  I can be helpful sometimes.

I also decided that I’d better throw in some bacon wrapped dates for when she arrived, because who doesn’t like stepping into an apartment that smells like bacon and hugs?

We had a goat gouda, a blue cheese and a brie log, plus salami and prosciutto with crackers.

I’d say it tasted better with the company, too.  Thanks, Vass!

Not every day can be wine and cheese Friday, though.  I was back to my standard whole grain/veggie dinner last night.

There may have been some leftover blue cheese in the sauce I made for my pasta, though.

No point in going cold turkey, right?

16 thoughts on “Wine and Cheese

  1. I officially want to bottle “bacon and hugs.” I think you stumbled upon the next big scent. 🙂

    This is indeed a perfect evening. I wish wine and cheese nights could happen every night, but perhaps you’re right — it’s like how the clouds make you appreciate the sun. Too philosophical?

    (That said, I’d be perfectly happy if Chicago had more sun, so we could appreciate the clouds…)

  2. I love restaurants too, but lately I’ve been very into making fancy meals at home as well. As long as there’s cheese…

  3. I could live solely off wine and cheese. That’s a fact. I’m also a huge fan of restaurants. I love the whole experience…Cocktails at the bar, bread basket, the whole works. I say we pick out place and get dinner already, yes?

    • We had a Kendall Jackson sauvignon blanc and then some tempranillo that I picked up from Trader Joe’s… La Granja, I think?

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