We Met On The Internet

I’ve been a very lucky girl this week.

No, I wasn’t afforded a long weekend or win any money (although if anyone has some extra laying around, I’ll take it).

What I did get this week was two nights of blogger fun.

Last night, Molly and I met up for a long overdue dinner in my neighborhood.  Seeing as this was the first time we actually met IN PERSON like normal people, it felt a little like a really great first date.

Right, Molly?  I think I like you.  Shoot … play it cool, Megan.  I’m breezy!

As if that wasn’t enough, tonight, Amy and Bailey came over for a little lesson in seafood.

You see, Amy has been under the impression that it requires great skill and preparation to cook fish at home.

I was on a mission to prove her wrong.

I grew up on broiled salmon, and I’ve yet to find a simpler and more foolproof way to cook it.  You can see how I do it here.

I threw the filets under the broiler, and 8 minutes later we sat down to this:

I switched out the tarragon with seasoned salt, garlic powder and chili powder to spice up the salmon.  On the side: roasted broccoli and brown rice with scallions.

It was very elegant of us, now that I think about it.  That’s how we bloggers do.

Whoever said internet (friend) dating doesn’t work is a chump.

16 thoughts on “We Met On The Internet

  1. Ha ha…I think I like you, too. I was going to text you today but I figured I’d give it three days…:) But it was a great first date. You totally wooed me with sweet potato fries and Blue Moon – two of my favorite things. We must do it again soon!

  2. I love internet friend dates! I’d like to think that if you and I lived in the same state, we’d share a bucket of longnecks every now and then. No marathon necessary. 🙂

  3. Salmon always looks so good to me, but every time I try it I just can’t get on board. Sigh, maybe someday. And I’m jealous of your blogger fun.

  4. I’ve met some of my best bitches on the internet.
    I’m the same as Kelly with salmon, I just can’t like it. I do like baked white fish though.

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