I’m a Weird Roommate

I’ve come to the realization that while I may not be terribly difficult to live with, I probably do some things that are head-scratchers to my past and present roommates.

We all have our idiosyncrasies, no?  I mean, Holly just posted about that very thing.

Seeing as I’m a (relatively) full-fledged adult at this point, I’ve taken the time to establish some pretty solid habits.  Whether other people consider them “normal” is yet to be seen.

Here are a few selections of my oddities:

1. I rarely have flowers at my apartment, but when I do, I keep them foreevvver.

I don’t know if it’s that I feel bad about throwing away something that was once pretty, or that I receive flowers so infrequently that I want to make their presence last, or what.  All I know is that there are some very dead flowers sitting very nicely in a very nice vase in my living room.  Creepy? Perhaps.

2.  I frequently emerge from my bedroom soaked in sweat.

What? I work out in there.

3. I make things that involve chicken broth and garlic powder before 8 am.

Like this:

Here’s the thing. I live in the city, but I work in the suburbs. If I buy lunch, my options typically include a salad bar, a freezer case, or a $10 sandwich. I try to bring my lunch most days as a result.

Lately, I’ve been getting home late (or getting home lazy) and haven’t had leftovers to bring with me.  So I cook things before work.

This was a pretty simple combo of quinoa, fresh spinach leaves, a chopped up chicken sausage and sriracha. And to be fair, the only actual cooking that took place for this lunch was preparing the quinoa.

A word to the wise: if you are going to make a single serving of quinoa on the stovetop, use 1.5x the liquid than is directed. Otherwise you will be greeted with a very aromatic burned result once you emerge from blowdrying your hair.

Not that I would know from personal experience.

4. I watch Will & Grace every day.

Yes, the series ended in 2006. Yes, I can accurately answer even the most obscure of questions about the show from any of its eight seasons. Yes, I realize that I may need rehab for this some day.

I also realize that this may not only make me a weird roommate, but a weird person in general.

5.  I really enjoy bleaching my kitchen sink.

Or whatever it is you do to make stainless steel sparkle.  There’s Soft Scrub involved and that’s all I know. Sure, I could be using natural cleaners but the smell and effectiveness of that bleach really does it for me.

Told you I was weird.

9 thoughts on “I’m a Weird Roommate

  1. I find it strange that you are willing and able to cook lunch at 8 in the morning, but cannot take the time to cook breakfast? You’re still doing pb toast wrapped in tin foil I assume? :p Clearly your priorities are not the same as mine – Breakfast trumps all!

  2. Yah . . . I keep flowers until there are dead petals falling all over the place, and even then, there’s no guarantee that I’ll throw them away. For me though, its a matter of how much work it takes to walk the ten steps to the garbage can. Its a long walk you know.

  3. If that’s ass weird as it gets, then your roommates are very lucky. If you ever vomit in an un-lined trash can and leave it there for days, then we’ll talk.

  4. We have a white sink for the first time and I was out of town when we moved in so my husband bought bleach spray (something I probably wouldn’t have picked out) but it does wonders for the white sink. 🙂

  5. Weird roommate? Not in the least. I’ve had some winners so believe me – I know. Cleaning with bleach is like therapy for me. I feel so much better when everything sparkles and smells faintly like cholorine. And if Will & Grace is on in the background while said bleach cleaning is going on – well, that’s just about as perfect as it can get. 😉

  6. i second all of these…especially the will & grace and the bleaching. bleach on sista!

    p.s. we need a reunion this summa! BALLZ 4 LIFE

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