Thanks, Jet Stream!

I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about it by now, but you guys, it’s like SUMMER in Chicago right now.

As in, I’m already planning on which skirt or dress to wear to the office tomorrow.

And I don’t “plan” outfits, for the record. But a high of 77° in Chicago in mid-March is worth planning for.

In honor of my being completely scattered today due to the sunshine and heat, I’m gracing you with random thoughts from this old brain:

1. (Ok, this one is topical, forgive me) I heard on the radio this morning that the reason Chicago is having such mild weather is due to the jet stream being farther north than usual, thereby keeping the swirly arctic air mass mostly out of the region and giving way to warmer temperatures.

Betcha didn’t know I was such a weather geek, huh?

But damn, do I love that jet stream.

2. I’ve been having really weird, creepy dreams lately. I mean, granted, I kind of always do. But they’re unusually bizarre lately.

I’m not even going to give you an example. The shame would be too great.

3. Check out minute 17:00 of last week’s episode of Happy Endings.  My friend, Chrissy, pointed out that once Alex figures out that her “cleanse” is something more than…ahem, just eating certain things, she totally steals one of my signature moves! Gasp!

4. I usually don’t like gimmicky things for the kitchen (or elsewhere, let’s face it), but this little baby works:

It looks like a flying saucer! But it’s not! It’s not even a regular non-flying saucer!

It’s Magic Soap and it’s a little disk of stainless steel. You basically “wash” your hands with it after chopping things like onions and garlic and it takes the smell off your fingers.

This might sound weird and probably a little creepy, but my fingers retain the smell of garlic really well. And while maybe that’d be sexy if I was dating someone who was really, really in Italian food and…smelling fingers, it’s not so sexy when you’re doing push ups during your workout the morning after making a big dinner and the smell of garlic bread is emanating from your skin.

So, um, if you like your hands to smell like your hands, you should get one.

(And I feel stupid to even have to say this, but no, they didn’t send me a free one or anything. I just like mine a lot.)

13 thoughts on “Thanks, Jet Stream!

  1. It has been insanely nice here too – but it’s the south, so I’ve come to expect perfect weather in the shoulder seasons. 🙂

    That seems like a cool little doohickey – where did you get it?

    • It was actually a gift, but Amazon sells them for about $6 and I’m sure you can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond or kitchen stores!

  2. I adore this jet stream. And would love to wear a dress tomorrow. Sadly my legs are in no condition to be seen by anyone. On a separate note, I feel like my hands smell like garlic more than, well, my hands. I *need* a Magic Soap – STAT.

  3. My dreams have also been even more bizarre than usual lately. And so real… Is it the moon? I too always have beyond strange dreams, but these are on a new level.
    I’m LOVING the warm weather. May it never leave us.

  4. I’ve been having really weird dreams lately too. It’s starting to get kind of creepy.

    Also, I read something about stainless steel getting rid of the garlic and onion smell from your hands. But Im cheap and lazy, so I just wipe my hands on the sides of my sink. It totally works.

  5. I love your weather fact – and the jet stream. This week has been GLORIOUS!

    I’ve never seen that “soap” before, but I have definitely been in exercising next to people whilst smelling of garlic and onion, so I am definitely checking it out!

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