I Ate A Hamburger for Breakfast

My paternal grandfather was a very traditional man. Granted, I remember him as a sweet, quiet man who wasn’t above having a pretend tea party with me when I was little, but nevertheless, he is largely remembered by my family as being one who loved his routines.

My dad has told me a story about a time when he was a boy and my grandmother (who was as carefree and goofy as my grandfather was reserved) decided it would be a riot to surprise Pop with a hamburger when he came down for breakfast instead of his usual toast, eggs and bacon.  Naturally, Pop looked at the burger like it was a turd sitting on his plate and looked up at my Grammie with pure bewilderment, while my dad and Grammie lost it laughing.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

Regardless, the idea of a burger for breakfast has always been equally repulsive and hilariously awesome to me.  I take after both sides, what can I say?

And guess what I found in my fridge this weekend.

A leftover hamburger patty and the appropriate accoutrements.

And eggs.

Now, I’ll go ahead and say that my idea of a hamburger, seeing as gourmet burger bars are popping up everywhere these days, is a little different than Grammie’s was.

So, given my available resources, I made a legitimate breakfast burger.

I love runny yolks.

Here’s a tip: if you’re making burgers and know that you’re going to have leftovers, cook them (I grilled mine) until they are about 1/2 done to your liking. Then, when you reheat them, just top with cheese and stick in a 400° oven until the cheese is melted.

I fried an egg up over-easy, so that the white was completely set and a little crispy around the edges but the yolk was still runny. Then I laid the burger with cheese on a toasted bun, topped with the egg, a squirt of ketchup and Frank’s Red Hot (because some habits I don’t want to break).

Whoever first thought to put a fried egg on a burger was a genius.

I’m guessing that if Grammie had put this in front of Pop, he wouldn’t have turned it down.

13 thoughts on “I Ate A Hamburger for Breakfast

  1. Your grandmother sounds like my kind of lady. 🙂 And hamburgers for breakfast = sheer genius. Especially with the runny egg on top. Pair it with a bloody mary or beer of choice and it sounds like a terrific Sunday Funday breakfast.

  2. Your grandparents sound like they were pretty fantastic. 🙂
    I remember making fun of my brother the first time I saw him put an egg on a burger, and he insisted it was amazing and I had to try it to understand. Which I did, and he was right. Eggs on burgers are freaking delicious.

  3. I eat leftovers at odd meals of the day…I eat fish at breakfast, sometimes I will have breakfast for “dinner”…I love food. But this burger idea- it is WONDERFUL. I love your grammie and gramps!

  4. For a very long period of time in college, when I was working as a manager at Jamba Juice, I had a fast food hamburger for breakfast nearly every morning. WIth fries. It was awesome. I got up at like 6 a.m. and snacked on smoothie, so by about 9 a.m. I was ready for real food.
    That said, I’d be all for this breakfast.

  5. That sounds like the most filling breakfast I can think if … it looks pretty good to me and I’m a (mostly) vegetarian!

    I hope you are having a fantastic weekend so far!

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