More Than Making Do

I am, it seems, perpetually in a state of returning home after a long absence.

This is, in part, because I work 25 miles from my apartment and my commute takes about half a year. Each way.

It is also in part due to the fact that my family lives closer to my place of work than I do, so I sometimes stay with them rather than deal with the aforementioned commute.

Consequently, I’ve been noticing the influx of food in my kitchen adopting an interesting pattern as of late.  It goes like this: normal grocery trip, prepare/eat like a normal person with supplies dimishing accordingly, vacate apartment for a period, return home and embark on massive grocery trip after which I cook and gorge like a beast, resume normal grocery trip.

Currently I’m between phases 3 and 4, meaning that I have returned but have not gone to the store.

Remarkably, given the miracle of the freezer and produce with long shelf lives, I’ve actually managed to squeeze out some damn fine meals.

For one thing, this:

I took a frozen piece of naan bread, covered it in buffalo sauce, scallions and a chicken sausage, sprinkled it with cheese and baked it until browned and bubbly.

This was a fairly dangerous discovery.  I have an aversion to making any kind of bread (it’s a “fear of using yeast” thing) and knowing that I can make pizza at any time means that I’ll probably be using this as a cop-out meal a lot going forward.

Sorry, jeans. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

11 thoughts on “More Than Making Do

  1. I go through a similar routine. However, I’m on that “gorge and eat whatever I can get my grubby paws on” phase right now and would like some naan pizza. Even though I’ve already had dinner. And then some… eek!

    • See, now, you just haven’t tried TJ’s naan. It’s damn good- comparable to restaurant quality, I’d say. I realize that could be a controversial statement, but I’m sticking to my guns. But buffalo sauce makes even excellent things better, so there ya go. 🙂

  2. Naan is so delicious. And thank goodness for the invention of the frozen TJ naan! It gives me my fix when I can’t hit an Indian restaurant…

  3. That sounds amazing. Naan is sooo good, and I’m kind of feeling disappointed with myself for never thinking to use it for pizza. Good thing I’m planning to hit Trader Joe’s this weekend, now I can make up for it.

  4. I have this weird aversion to buying a lot of groceries. I think not having a car is only going to make this worse. I just buy enough to make one or two recipes and then live on leftovers and frozen stuff or eat out. It’s not very glamorous.

  5. I commend you on getting creative with what you’ve got in your cupboards. When I’m overdue for a grocery run I usually just order take-out…Which explains why I’m broke. 🙂 I’m going to vow to try to use up what I have before hitting next time. Key word = TRY. Also, I could eat naan pizza every day. Fact.

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