Because You Didn’t Ask

…please enjoy this random cop-out list of things that are on my mind today.

1. I never know what to say to people who are running races in order to wish them well. As a person whose past and present is deeply entrenched in the theeaatah, I am accustomed to saying “break a leg”. This seems cruel and unusual to say to a runner, but I am pre-conditioned to thinking that saying “good luck” will actually result in bad luck.

These are the things that keep me up nights.

2.  Bill Murray is just as, if not more, awesome than he was during the What About Bob? days.


Not only did he throw out the first pitch at opening day at Wrigley, he also ran the bases and slid into home plate.

3. Remember Adidas Samba shoes?  I wore them, mm, I don’t know, 80% of the time between 1995-1996.

After the initial fad wore off, Adidas came out with the “Samba Millenium”, which had a longer tongue and, in my opinion, lost some of the magic.

Well, guess what? They still. make. the. original.


I kind of want to buy a pair. And wear them with stirrup pants and an over-sized “Save the Whales” t-shirt.

(If you are too young to fully comprehend that look, don’t tell me, I want to maintain the illusion of youth I’ve got going on here)

4. I think I’m becoming obsessed with this cauliflower:

It seems like “popcorn caulflower” is making the rounds on the internet and this is my version. It’s more like cauliflower kettlecorn, though.

Recipe to come, I promise.

5. Have you heard of the Fairy Hobmother?   I’ve heard about the lore, even seen a few posts surrounding him/her/it. To the best of my understanding, the mission of the FH is to spread joy over the internet by randomly offering bloggers/readers gifts.  All well and good, but last week I was actually contacted by the Hob!

“I stumbled across your blog today and you are completely 100% correct, beer does taste best on Sundays. I would stake my tiny winged reputation on it!”

And with that, offered me a gift certificate to Amazon simply for helping spread the love!

Totally made my day.  Feel free to leave a comment about something that you wish someone would randomly gift you with- maybe the Hobmother will strike again!

6. I miss early-mid 90’s rock.

The Spin Doctors.
Counting Crows.
Stone Temple Pilots.
Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

Although I have seen both of the last 2 in concert over the last 5 years…

So really maybe I just miss my Adidas Sambas.

18 thoughts on “Because You Didn’t Ask

  1. I miss all kinds of 90’s rock! I have never heard of this “fairy” you speak of, but I’m glad you got a Amazon gift certificate! I’d love for a CD of Alice In Chains Facelift to show up one day…my CD of that is no more and the Hubby keeps forgetting to make me a copy off of his computer 😦

  2. I’m of the firm belief that the 90s was the the best decade ever. The 60s and 80s are way too overrated. I never had those shoes though. I think I was still wearing keds around that time. Clearly I wasn’t the coolest kid on the block.

  3. Tell your runner friends: Hope you don’t shit your pants. It’s funny, and I’m assuming you’d be sincere about it. I’m more about Adidas shelltoes and Adidas Adilette (had to look up the name) slip on sandals in the 90s/00s.

  4. I was more of an ADIDAS Superstar girl:

    Pretty sure I had them in that metallic silver, too. Awesome.

    I used to wear them with those calf-length socks that had the ADIDAS logo…with my Catholic school girl uniform.


    Oh, and when we had crushes, my friend Jess and I would swap the last “S” for their initial. ADIDAB – All Day I Dream About Bobby.

    That’s probably far more than you ever wanted to know.

  5. I think I still have my Sambas…which is totally embarrassing. I wore them to play indoor soccer, and somehow my “I played club sports in college” brain thought an adult league would be in my future. How wrong I was.

  6. Good God your #3 made me laugh hysterical. Also, I make it a point to listen to Pandora’s “Summer hits of the 90s station” at least once a week. You should add it to your list.

    • How did I not know about that one?? I’ve just been listening to the Spin Doctors station, which is pretty damn good, too. But now the ante has been upped on my 90’s listening game.

  7. Clearly, I’m catching up here – forgive me? Also, I feel the need to reply in a numbered list. Forgive me again?

    1. I like “break a leg.” Sounds much cooler than “good luck.”
    2. My picture of Bill Murray is so blurry from my hands shaking (damn expired hand-warmers) you can’t even tell who it is. I did get a nice picture of the back of someone’s head, though.
    3. I wanted Sambas but never owned a pair. I’m glad it’s not too late for me to buy some.
    4. Fairy Hobmother – please see #3. In lieu of Sambas I will also accept a pair of Toms. Probably more socially acceptable.
    5. 90’s Rock is my life. And the reason I love Schoolyard – other than the food/drink specials.

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