Pizza in Disguise

I almost called this post “Building a Better Pizza” but then I decided that it was a douchey title.

So I’m telling you now.  Just so you know that I spared you.  Heck of a humanitarian I am.

Anyway, I ate pizza for dinner again tonight.  Ever since I discovered that naan makes an excellent pizza crust, I’ve been having pizza a lot. To be fair, I did see this coming.  And I’m not saying that I regret it.

This time around, I gave my pizza a disguise.

Looks like a salad, doesn’t it?

Surprise! No! It’s a pizza!

Seeing as the amount of naan in my life these days is categorically excessive, I figured it was probably a good idea to lighten and balance things a bit.

Remember that pizza place, SoNo, that I’ve raved about in the past?

One of my favorite things to order there is their pancetta pizza, which has cheese and pancetta (duh) and oven-roasted tomatoes and a big topping of fresh arugula.

Now, I realize the shortcomings of my own kitchen- namely that I haven’t installed a wood-fired pizza oven- but I figured I’d take a page out of their book anyway.


Trader Joe’s Kale and Spinach Greek Yogurt dip.

Incidentally, you should pick up a tub of that stuff.  It’s amazing. And you could probably get away with eating the entire thing in one sitting since it’s made with Greek yogurt and all.

A leeetle beeet of cheese.


And topped with arugula.

Fluffy bread, a modest sprinkle of cheese, and plenty of fresh greens.

Oh, and delicious, too.

I now see nothing wrong with eating pizza every day from here on out.

19 thoughts on “Pizza in Disguise

  1. So you kinda inspired me at TJ’s the other night. I randomly picked up the stuff to make my own pizza with my bf this weekend, granted I got real pizza crust but still. However, TJ’s Naan is my fav personal pizza crust.

  2. I love Naan pizza crusts! But I love even more your adapted idea of pizza toppings here 🙂 It’s about time I branched out from the tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni trend!

  3. That’s it – I’m buying you a wood-fired pizza oven for your birthday. Well, that and a Houndstooth camo koozie. Contain your excitment. Back to the pizza – I’m loving these naan pizza creations you’ve been whipping up these days. Also, we need to go to SoNo immediately.

  4. You crazy trickster! 🙂

    And I will go halfsies with Molly on the wood-fired pizza oven.

    Now I just really want pizza. It’s 7:30 in the morning. I hate you.

    Sorry. I didn’t mean that. I haven’t had my coffee yet. I’ll get back to you in an hour or two.

  5. I LOVE those TJ naans! And from someone who is Indian I have to say they are really quite authentic.

    Looks delicious Megan!

  6. I really need to try that dip. It looks amazing every time I see it. And I LOVE pizza with arugula! Every time Bobby and I have store-bought crust we end up eating pizza for about four days straight. There are two in a pack and for some reason we feel as though we have to bake them both consecutively rather than just re-freezing. In other words, if you need someone to share the everyday pizza eating mentality with, I’m your girl. With spinach/arugula on top it is definitely a salad…

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