Out and Back

Well, I’m back home.

I took a short trip to Boston over the weekend for an alumni reunion and to catch up with old friends.  I shouldn’t say old…we’re not old. Yet. Right? RIGHT?

Anyway, what tends to happen when you have only 48 hours and almost as many people to catch up with is this:

-Lack of sleep
-Random grab bag of meals
-(Possibly) compromised immune system
-General state of frazzle

The the meal of mac ‘n cheese at 2:30 am that I swiped from my friend’s fridge on Saturday is a pretty good indicator of how the weekend went.

I’m feeling a little draggy today as a result and am skipping a book club meeting in favor of crashing in sweats with a little trashy TV, ending with an early bed time tonight.

Oh, and some of this:

Because vegetables became suddenly sort of foreign to me over the weekend and I sorta missed ’em.

It was all worth it to catch up with friends whom I hadn’t seen in years, though.

Besides, how can one enjoy the return of veggies until one has eaten cold mac ‘n cheese out of a tupperware container in the middle of the night?

9 thoughts on “Out and Back

    • You know, the ironic thing is that I didn’t actually even make it in to Boston proper this trip- but still fun, yes!

  1. I really quite like most cold pasta. My tastes are simple sometimes.
    Veggies are also always a good choice. Glad you had fun!

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