Weekend in the Woods

This song has been playing on loop in my head for the last three days.

Possibly because I’m going to see him LIVE at WRIGLEY in TWO weeks.

I’m a little excited.

But also because I was in the woods this past weekend.

And there are real, live ticks out there.

It was just what I needed. A break from the city (especially with NATO in town), no internet, and unreliable (and therefore unused) cell reception.

Some sun on the dock.

Plenty of family time.

Johnny Mathis and Frank Sinatra the way they were supposed to be heard.

Oh, and I ate a few (hundred) of these.

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, I was in Wisconsin. Home of the cheese curd.

I am a self-professed city slicker (yup, I buy my salsa from Neeeew York Ceeeeety) and I sometimes forget how much I need down time away from public transportation, a restaurant on every corner, and Bravo.  So this was a good weekend.

But seriously, guys, the ticks. The ticks will get you.

19 thoughts on “Weekend in the Woods

  1. I’ve officially lived in “a city” for a year now. I weekend in the country would definitely be welcome. I always went to a lake or something at least once a summer back home and it was amazing.
    And Brad Paisley is adorable. Enjoy!!

  2. I don’t know if you ever remember me tweeting about Hoarder Lady from my old job? She came in to work one day and said she woke up with three ticks on her. In her HOUSE. From one of her feral cats, apparently. So, yeah…

    • Blech, that is disgusting. I’m very happy everything is totally screened in at my sister’s place. Walking through the tall grass to get to the dock is plenty enough risk of getting a tick for me, thankyouverymuch.

  3. What a perfect weekend to get away with family! And to Wisconsin, no less – I’m a big fan. Especially of those cheese curds. YUM!

    I admittedly have not listened to many of Brad Paisley’s songs, and now I’m wondering why I am so late to the game. Love the YouTube video/song. What others would you recommend for a newbie?

  4. I feel like I can smell the campfire. How amazing! Camping, being outdoors in the woods, definitely one of my favorite things to do. Sounds perfect!

  5. You weren’t at Antioch were you? Looks a lot like my Aunt’s place! AWESOME!

  6. What is a tick? I have no idea but this is the second time I’m hearing about them this week!

    Love Wisconsin. I visited once and it was so pretty!

  7. I’m such a country girl at heart, living in the city really exhausts me. Seriously, all the people and the bustling. All that bustling!

    ew ticks.

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