Deja Vu

I’m not sure what would happen if I were a person who didn’t like leftovers.

Ironically, I think I’d probably end up cooking less often.  I don’t like creating more food waste than necessary (am I too young to make a reference to how we got by during the Great Depression?) and sometimes making a single serving of a meal just isn’t practical or worth it.

Over Memorial Day, in addition to the refreshments, I got busy making a big pot o’ bbq chicken from Pioneer Woman to feed some friends that were coming over.

So, I bought a whole chicken (that was already cut-up) for $10 and some change.

I don’t usually buy a whole chicken because I sense that too much of it will go to waste (we used to have to walk 16.7 miles just to get a piece of gristle for our porridge after all), but after this I might be changing my ways.

So, initially I served the chicken the way Pioneer Woman intended:

And those were some very fine sandwiches. If you like bbq chicken, I recommend her recipe.  It does require some time and elbow grease, but mostly it just slowly cooks in the oven and tempts you with its aroma.

Too graphic? Sorry.

After six (SIX) of us had eaten our sandwiches, I still had an enormous amount of chicken left.  I’m telling you, this stuff goes a long way.

Not a problem. Leftovers are my bitch.

Oh, a Mexican craving strikes?  I got this.

I just stuffed the chicken in a corn tortilla, topped it with some leftover coleslaw and a bunch of cilantro. Oh, and you’ll notice there’s some leftover corn there on that plate holding up my taco. Twofer!

Oh, you need to stop gorging yourself after a weekend of um…”celebrating”? This stuff is good on a salad, too!

[I don’t have a picture of my salad, but I promise I brought them for lunch every day last week. Do this for me: close your eyes and imagine a tupperware container full of lettuce. Now plop a scoop of chicken and a smaller scoop of coleslaw right on there. Fancy, right?]

{side note: “plop a scoop” is a phrase I’ll never again use on this blog. It was disgusting and I am sorry.}

There’s still some chicken left and I wound up having to freeze it.  That’s dangerous territory, my friends. My freezer’s walls are deep and hide many secrets.

Not “secrets” so much as frost-bitten and forgotten leftovers, but you catch my drift.

Let’s do some math. 1 chicken+1 bottle of bbq sauce+1 onion+about 1/2 bulb of garlic = roughly $15.

I have gotten roughly 10 servings out of this chicken so far, plus the remnants that I recently banished to the deep freeze.

That will probably bring me to about $1/serving when all is said and done. A chicken breast will easily set you back $3-4 and is not as delicious.  Sorry, but it’s true.

And I removed most of the skin before shredding the chicken so don’t get your panties in a twist telling me that it’s not as “healthy”.  Sure, some of the fat will cook into the meat but chicken without any grease is not. good.

For the record, I’m not actually trying to convince any of you to give up your boneless, skinless breasts (or your chicken breasts). Mostly I’m just working on justifying buying a few more of those bad boys.

I see shredded Buffalo chicken in my future.

21 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. I love making chicken in the crock pot. Have you tried it on nachos? Clutch.

    • There’s a place in Chicago that serves the BEST pulled pork nachos…damn, I could go for a plate of those right now.

      • What is this place? Because I have had some pretty good BBQ pork nachos on the south side. I need to find one NORTH 🙂

  2. I am laughing at the plop, and totally grossed out, haha!

    I’m actually making bbq chicken tonight and will have to check out the recipe! Crockpot chicken is my fav, with some spicy tomatoes, delish. It does all the work.

    Bumper sticker: Leftovers are my bitch.

  3. That sandwich looks amazing. I never, ever buy meat because I’m cheap and have issues cooking it (ok, its not the cooking, its the obsessive need to clean anything it may have possibly touched while raw), buuuut now I really want those sandwiches. And the tacos.

    • Well, the plus side to this is that you don’t really have to touch it while it’s raw. Just to transfer it from the packaging to the pot!

  4. As one of the six who had the privilege of sampling this amazing dish, I can attest for it’s deliciousness. Onions and all. 😉 And less than a $1 serving? That beats my $10 lunch. I have so much to learn from you still…

  5. Nothing says summer like BBQ chicken and Illinois corn. 😉 As one of the six who had the privilege of sampling this amazing dish, I can attest for it’s deliciousness. Onions and all. 😉 And less than a $1 serving? That beats my $10 lunch. I have so much to learn from you still…

  6. This is awesome! The fact that you have gotten so many uses out of it makes me want to experiment. I’m still a newbie when it comes to making more than 1-2 servings of food – I blame my mom, who doesn’t like leftovers so we never had them in our house growing up. But chicken is so versatile that it doesn’t make sense not to try this. Where did you buy said whole chicken?

    Also…plop. Enough said. 😉

  7. I love leftovers…it would scare you what I can do with them! Nothing nearly as pretty as your meals of course!

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