This is Living

Have I mentioned that I love summer?

I spent Friday night grilling and sitting outside on my balcony with good conversation with my friend, Chrissy, and cheap wine.

(Don’t worry, it was only cheap because we picked it up at Trader Joe’s. They make some very decent cheap bottles.)

The next night, I hung out with this girl and this girl sitting outside, listening to music and dancing to the juke box (Lord help us all).

I should mention that truffle fries, while delicious, don’t exactly make for a well rounded meal to fuel you through a long night.

But you only live once, right?

And there are always vegetables available tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “This is Living

  1. We should be banned from the juke box. Or at least from playing any N*Sync. Oh, who am I kidding? We are the life of the party. Or at least, we were the life of that party. Luckily, there’s a lot of summer left and many more parties to be the life of. Lucky you, Chicago. Lucky you.

  2. You don’t have to quantify cheap wine with me. I am a BIG fan. And summer is the shit.

  3. Potatoes in the form of truffle fries totally count as vegetables. 😉 Love this post and love Chicago right now. The weather today was perfect! Your balcony looks so nice and you can never go wrong with TJ’s wine!

  4. I hate anything over 90 degrees. That is my cut-off regardless of season. Like last year when it was 94 degrees on April 1st down here or 101 in September? NOT COOL, Mrs. Spring-time, not cool.

  5. So pretty…makes me want to have a nice balcony larger than a foot so I can actually utilize it!

    Happy Friday my friend. Hope you have a great weekend!

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