I ran a race this weekend.

Ok, so it was a 5K, nothing ground-breaking.

Although, I don’t race, so that’s actually an accomplishment for me.

PLUS, it was at night and I never run at night (I like dinner more than running).

Double whammy.

Uh, so I guess my phone camera doesn’t really work in the dark.

The race was the Firefly Run, hence the night-time and glow sticks. The run is a timed 5K (or 10K) that begins after sundown with runners decked out in glowing arm bands and costumes.

This was the first year that Firefly has come to Chicago and…you could tell.  The race was not very organized with respect to course markers and water stations (they were not lit so people couldn’t see them coming up and then stopped in the middle of the track to get a cup…I actually ran into a guy who stopped dead in his tracks right in front of me) and don’t get me started on gear check…

But, all that being said, it was a really fun race. There’s something about running through the dark and dodging tree limbs (don’t worry, both of my eyeballs are still intact) that makes you feel like a kid trying to capture the flag.

Now, an adults-only capture the flag in the dark…THAT I would sign up early for.  Who’s with me?

14 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. I love capture the flag. I would be SO in. Not so much on the racing though, I just can’t get there. I tried, but I just don’t want to put the work in.

  2. It definitely looks cool, but you don’t really think about running into people, it’s bad enough in broad daylight.

    You look cute! I like the idea in theory, hopefully next year it will get better!

    • I think they will- they sent an email the very next day saying that they recognized the problems that they had, so hopefully they’ll fix them!

    • Haha, well I would say that the not running part would be a more compelling reason not to run this one- it actually wasn’t scary because there were so many people! It was dark, but you could see.

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