A Week in Groceries

Seeing as I am both a blogger and an avid blog reader, it should come as no surprise that I have a propensity for some good old-fashioned PG-rated voyeurism.

Don’t worry, the only reason I’d be peering into your house with binoculars would be to get a look at the contents of your refrigerator.

I’m way cool, I know.

Point is: I love seeing what other people consider to be a “normal” grocery haul.  What kind of vegetables are staples? On what items do you spend the bulk of your money? Does anyone possibly go through more pre-popped popcorn than me?

Over the last couple of weeks, I drained the contents of my kitchen down to the dregs and went on a massive (for me – remember, I’m feeding only me, myself and I) grocery trip.

As I was hauling my re-usable (how hippie of me, I know) bags back to my apartment, mildly berating myself for spending as much as I did, I realized that I actually made out pretty well.

So, I thought I’d share.  Because I can.


butternut squash (in cubes – one of my few “convenience” produce items)
multi-colored potatoes
apples (3)
brussels sprouts
haricots verts
spaghetti squash
zucchini (3)


beef (in the form of stew meat)
chicken sausages
peanut butter
cannelini beans
canned wild salmon


sharp cheddar cheese
Greek yogurt (3)
half and half
flavored sparkling water (2)


pre-popped popcorn
quinoa+black bean tortilla chips
potato+lentil crunchy curls
chocolate cat cookies
cooking spray

That was three very full bags of groceries and $68.

The most expensive item by far was the meat at $11. I’m not too broken up about it costing that much because a) it’s quality meat and b) it will actually feed me for at least 5 meals (it was about a pound and a quarter and I’m a girl).

Here’s what this will make me:

Beef stew (which I made last night – recipe to come) – 5 meals
Roast spaghetti squash with various sauces – 4ish meals
Salmon burgers – 2 meals
Roast/mashed butternut squash and chicken sausage – 5 meals
Stir fry with either edamame or beans – 2-3 meals
Roast potatoes/vegetables – 2-3 meals
Snacks (yogurt, fruit, popcorn, etc) – one week’s worth

So, theoretically, this load will last me about 21 meals.  Which is one week if I don’t eat out at all.

Of course, I already ripped open the bag of crunchy curls and spilled its entirety all over my kitchen floor, so you know…things don’t always go according to plan.

But I still think I’m in pretty good shape.

Alright, spill it. How did I do? Any similarities between the contents of my groceries and yours?

11 thoughts on “A Week in Groceries

  1. I love seeing other people’s groceries too haha. This sounds pretty similar to my shopping list, except I don’t usually buy too many snacky chips/popcorn/etc because I have no self control and they’re gone in 1 day if I keep them in the house!

    I actually just did a post like this last week.. I wish I had thought of waiting for one massive grocery trip like you did!

  2. I would totally shop with you! My cart looks like yours- only this week I’ve gone multiple times already. Crap at planning.

    You have a few finds I might keep an eye out for:)

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